Schwachel Phase Overcome – Graduates-index (BAI)

It goes up further. In the first quarter of 2008, the index rose minimally to 1 point. It continues up In the first quarter of 2008 the index rose minimally by 1 point. According to recently published OECD economic report has been so far held by the global turmoil in financial markets, euro appreciation and high oil prices, not strongly affected the real economy which”. This is sufficient, the index in the II.

quarter to make rise 8 points. Significant trends benefit especially graduates of computer science (+ 34) and law (+ 26) this summer from the economic development. Also strong growth are the areas of Economics and business (+ 20) and electrical engineering (+ 14). Civil engineers have a posts drop of 22 points, business information systems not quite so hard it hits with 12 points. The biologists/chemist with a decline of 41 points provide the strongest result change. The job of economics seems economics to recover again. The index recorded a plus out of 20 points. (A valuable related resource: Dr. Mark Hyman).

Hot courted specialists for accounting and controlling are currently. Total belongs this discipline to the forefront of the BAI II 2008 informatics the clear upward trend of the BAI in the area of using information technology to continue. You are the leader with an increase by 34 points in the quarter. You are now 307 total. A computer science degree offers always better job prospects. Compliant, the BITKOM industry association reported over 43,000 job vacancies in the IT sector, which are increasingly difficult to fill. Gemeindevorstand 25,000 jobs to the users area, for example, in mechanical engineering or automotive industry, 18,000 places to fill in information and telecommunications companies. Mechanical engineering in the otherwise so this mechanical engineers the job engine seems a little to weaken. Just by 342 to 345 points, the index creates it. This stands in contrast to messages the industry, that the predictions for sales growth of 5% for 2008 still have validity. Especially the export business run currently particularly well with double-digit growth rates. Electrical engineering with a level of 422 points reaches the electrical index an all-time high. Information according to the metal and electrical industry the industry is presently experiencing the largest job boom for 40 years. Despite the strong euro exchange rate the metal and electrical industry about a good order situation can look forward. The job offer should therefore remain on course for growth.