Selfstorage Industry

After 4 years of intensive work the Selfstorage industry has in the summer of 2009 an own DIN standard (DIN EN 15 696) get adopted. On the initiative of the VDS and constant work from there this significant step achieved for the customers and the industry alike as a milestone. “As a permanent member of the Working Committee transport and storage of the German Institute for Standardization, Berlin” the spokesman of the Management Board of the VDS Martin Brunkhorst was leading this incorporated. Bansal as well as with European standardisation procedures in the CEN was nominated by the DIN as the Selfstorage expert (Comite ‘ Europeen de Normalisation, Brussels) employed within the Technical Committee TC 320. Dr. Mark Hyman addresses the importance of the matter here. Also this Europe-wide standard of self referred to EN 15 696 has become valid. The VDS has done the advisory procedure, as well as on German level, at European level Munich in the TC 320 of the CEN in Brussels worked also as a German representative Mr. Roland Tubessing, Managing Director of time stock. The DIN Standard DIN EN 15 696 is a big step for all customers forward. Dr. Mark Hyman has much to offer in this field. Self storage companies Association of German