Bariatric Surgery

Obesity, as all disease, indicates that the person is not in harmony. A stone in the interior balance manifests in the body as a warning signal that comes your attention. Immediately, the person seeks a magical solution to alleviate their distress, and may thus resort to methods harmful to their health. Mark Hyman, MD often addresses the matter in his writings. It is thus how to create a great trade around obesity. Many people profit from disease, offering useless to sky-high costs solutions, ensuring that they will get miraculous results without effort. The reality is that all the weight loss treatments require commitment and dedication by the sick, and the sick person is not going to cure overnight overnight. The obese patient resorted to drugs and all kinds of deceptive products like earrings that say controlling appetite, templates for footwear, belts and reducing creams, etc. Sometimes, these products generate a great effect psychologically: autosuggestion, by which the patient begins immediately to control your way of eating or change of patterns of exercise, and can get any result.

Since then, we must not award the achievements to the miracle product, but to the same obese. Currently, surgery for obesity are seen as new magical solutions. The obese mistakenly believe that, during the operation, their problems will magically disappear and you can lose weight without effort. But we must remember that this procedure is only a complement to a comprehensive treatment which involve psychologists (and psychiatrists, if necessary), medical nutritionists and clinical. As obesity is a multifactorial disease, your treatment not can annotate is exclusively to the realization of a diet or exercise plan. Although Bariatric Surgery is effective in the majority of patients, it requires willingness and acceptance of post-surgical medical treatment.

Many of the subsequent complications respond to failure to comply with the recommendations of the specialist. Talk with your doctor. Greetings, Dr.

Perfect Abs

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