Smoking And EFT Self Help

We know smoking a cigarette smoking addiction, a dependency to snuff it affects our body. This addiction affects our health causing impaired blood pressure, elevated heart rate, bronchial problems, narrowing of the arteries, eye damage, genital tract, loss of hearing and smell, etc. Sometimes we harm as smoking also the health of family members when they inhale the cigarette smoke when we smoke. These are some of the damage to our body by cigarette smoking. There are currently imnumerables smoking cessation products and also in many cases what we might call suspend the treatment for smoking cessation and other treatment ended but over time we go back to smoking. This recourse to addiction has a lot to do with our mind and energy of our body, because if it is true that we have detoxified of nicotine to stop smoking for a while, it is also true that our way of thinking and work still keep smoking and although our body is no longer dependent on nicotine our mind is still sending messages about addiction to snuff.

EFT – by its initials in English (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or Emotional Freedom Techniques is a program of self-help, in other words is a method in which you help yourself to free yourself of that addiction. Studies on the mind and the new bioenergy therapies conclude that the problem is in the unconscious mind and the unconscious mind is governed by three accompanying brain which is the FOURTH AWARE, the latter is what we use daily and is the one who orders our activities, this method will help you quit. Looking at it another way. Suppose you are learning to drive a car, then use the logical brain (conscious) while the other three brains are aware of what you're doing until you accept your decision to drive through a primary order and fair at that moment when feel safe and drive safely is when the other three brains (brain emotional, imaginative, creative brain, animal brain) are synchronized and unanimously accepted the order to drive the car. This is the moment when the process becomes automatic and drive without thinking, and acting in all brains function the same order.

Emotional Freedom Techniques or Self-help techniques can now be used in imnumerables circuntancias of our lives, these techniques can help in cases such as: Allergies, Weight Loss, Depression, Anorexia, Fears and Phobias, Pain, etc. But in this particular case we want to help to free you once and for all of your addiction to snuff. Perhaps as a child (a) you said, escuchastes tell someone or read a story in real life the phrase "Never say can not," Well that expression can decipher that from many, many years ago was known power of the mind and not the mind of those people that had power, NO, is your mind is my mind is the mind of every individual that has power. What do you do to capitalize on that inner strength you have?, Simply to acquire the knowledge necessary to channel and take full advantage of benefits we have in this force, this is a national force that you and only you can address. If you liked this article and you are a person you want to change to live more healthy years saying I stop smoking, do not forget to check us out or Thanks for your time.