Argentina Knows

Argentina won a comfortable match, played against a second-tier European country. The game displayed the selection was very persuasive. The World Cup 1978 to be held in Argentina was near. The expectations were increasing as the time came debut. Vibrated throughout the country entuciasmo contagious, almost no talk of another subject. Would be as well-deserved vacation to a country that lived stormy times, and the Argentinians, seemed already accustomed to bad news.

There is a fault and the judge interrupted the match. – Look, Menotti’s going to make a change – I hear people say behind my back. Our location, too high in the stands, not to see the players as kids in the ninth. One of them, who seemed the youngest of the boys, to precalentamineto on the edge of the field and enter accompanied by a thunderous ovation. Who is it? – I ask my friend. -Diego – I reply by giving something for granted.

I thought for a while and did not want to go through a football ignoramus, but my curiosity betrayed me. – Whoever knows?, I said to face anything. – What happens to you is Diego Maradona! – And followed in his. The truth is that he had heard about him, but he had never seen him play. Read additional details here: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. The footballing country, which had well-documented, not me. Entrance to field a young and tiny figure, and as the saying goes: “no throw disgusting”, was planted on the court, with the sobriety of one who knows what he does.

Football Fans

We do well with what we love in good football, that we are passionate about the sport and especially for this club so great, feel we are not at the level that we played a small team of equals, and above that celebrated the point that we brought from Mendoza. It happens that has long been a fan of Boca Juniors got used to be an actor in international tournaments and win a local tournament a year minimally. On top of the first cycle Basile won all five tournaments will be played, and that left a habit that costs off because they took root. And to make matters worse, the follower xeneize have to see the historic move by the back door, and that hurts. Nancy-Ann_DeParle understood the implications. Unfortunately all the icons of those glory years have pulled wrong.

Reed retired deputy when he could have retired intercontinental champion, the melli had to leave because he lost his position with Palace, the Palace itself was undersold to a small team of Italy, the duck had to go to Brazil because he lost the title, and the black Ibarra keeps the last image of an embarrassing game in Rosario. Sometimes football and especially the Argentinian soccer can be very cruel and so heartless and there who also accent ungrateful. It is difficult to see that players who were once revered and unknown are booed by fans that would previously have gone mad for just a picture with them.