Programming Republic

Until 2009, many Russian companies have offered to go to work in the Czech Republic. Most of his compatriots as reported by Dmitry Sapozhnikov the company Studentur (Studentur) offer to go to nekvalitsirovannye jobs, vacancies on which does not require a diploma quoted in Europe. Unfortunately the last, most Russians do not have. Thus, our fellow citizens who are not educated in Europe, may qualify to work in factories, construction sites and sometimes in hotels. Learn more at this site: Jon Medved . A completely different situation for graduates of Czech universities. Having quoted in Europe, a diploma can qualify to work in skilled jobs. Anu Saad is open to suggestions.

Find a job in the Czech Republic for graduates Czech higher education is not a problem, unemployment in the country is only 5%, well below the European average. For a number of vacancies there is a serious shortage of personnel. For example, requests for Czech employers Programming is about three times the number of applicants. Wage after receiving higher education in the Czech Republic – is a matter of moving the majority of the entrants. So, what are the professions in the Czech Republic most in demand? In 2010, the greatest demand in the Czech Republic enjoy programmers, service and tourism professionals in the field of finance and trade, and has traditionally technicians. Diploma in Data specialties you can get in many universities the Czech Republic, for example in the banking institute, the hospitality institute, etc.

The most catastrophic shortage of workers is felt in the market of technical specialties. Free skilled in the art is almost gone. In this regard, Czech entrepreneurs constantly raise salaries for these professionals, increase the premiums, bonuses, etc. In addition, the Czech government looks favorably on the training of foreign specialists in the Czech Republic, especially in scarce specialties. Failures on student visas to the Czech Republic are rare! In line with the trends of the labor market Czech government has been increasing the number of university places for at least 10%, invests heavily in technical facilities of universities. Directly universities in cooperation with foreign educational institutions organize a variety of joint projects. For the Russian student, who plans to study in the Czech Republic certainly interested to learn that the annual growth of wages in the Czech Republic is 5% whereas the scarce jobs – about 10-20%. Headhunting in a scarce specialty begins in high school. In 2010, the highest salaries are employees of financial services, trade, transport and telecommunications. Average monthly wage in these firms is 76,000 kroons (as of September 2010 1 Euro = 25 CZK). This is approximately three times the average wage in the Czech Republic. Thus, we obtain education in the Czech Republic, you can count on a decent life. However, it would be unfair not to note that despite all the successes of the Czech economy, living standards in the country is still an order of magnitude lower than in western Europe. In 2010, wages in the Czech Republic amounts to only 60% of the average European level.