If You Want To Work, Start Looking

If you do not know what to do this summer, then pay attention to work advertisements. They tend to have more demand in the months of July and August. Waiters, temporary employees, teachers or instructors are some of the work you can access at this time. The possibilities are broad if they have desire to work and dynamism. The summer is an ideal time to get a temporary job or to enter the market. City College of New York contributes greatly to this topic. The positions offered are often closely linked with this time of year, and join those already there for the rest of the months, but require substitutes to cover staff holiday periods. Here’s a list of some of the posts you can find in the months of July and August. To take note or serve you as an idea to know where to look.

* Interviewer: If you have some free hours a day, you can contact a company specializing in market research and surveys, very common activity for some months. There are many requirements that are required. In general, a cultural level medium consistency. * Waiter: in a beach bar or on a terrace in the city. In this time of year, all the bars increase their demand for, and we love to enjoy the long summer days a taking fresco . The big hotels are also applicants of this profile, and many others: those devoted to cleaning the facilities, cooks, assistants (reception, buttons, etc). * Rescuer: the beach or pool. You just need to have the official title of the Red Cross or the Spanish Federation of Lifesaving (with branches in all communities).

The average salary ranges between 600 and 900 euros per month. * Public Relations: Your job is to promote a local and take people. The first step will have to give it in the room, looking fashionable nightclubs and terraces. Once there ask for the manager or director of public relations. There are usually no signed contracts or obligations, but it is all verbal. * Teacher: to lend a hand who have to be submitted to the September exam, in those matters more controls. In this case you will need to present your services, walking.