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“Music expresses that which cannot be said and what it is impossible to remain silent.” French writer, Victor Hugo, 1802-1885 one might think Viktor Hugo heard before the song BLACK PARADE of the band globe. BLACK PARADE tells a story. A story of how you can write only the life. This song, which literally is the anthem of the Arab spring, shows the result of international globe of initiated songwriter competition. It is an epic song, which depicts the public mood during the still ongoing unrest in the Arab world. BLACK PARADE is the final product in Los Angeles of naturalized writing talent and a young Iranian dissidents, who demonstrated in the Iran against the authoritarian regime of Israel. The power of music that epidurals shared passion for the music and the belief in the tremendous brought together these very different people and makes the song BLACK PARADE finally what it is. BLACK PARADE is located on the new album of the rock band globe Break from this world.

GLOBUS is a normal rock band which but chaired by Yoav Goren and promoted a 120-teiligen Orchestra of an extraordinary mixture of epic orchestral music and classic rock in the core. When Yoav Goren called early 2011 on its Web site for song lyrics and ideas, did he expect hardly, that little later BLACK PARADE reflects the Zeitgeist of an entire generation and unites all peoples. . Yoav Goren is composer and the music in the trailer for the best-known Hollywood blockbusters such as E.g. the Lord of the rings, avatar, has no less than Spiderman 2 and Harry Potter written. Currently you can find his music in the trailer for mission impossible: Ghost Protocol or Tintin. The authors of BLACK PARADE be quantified following with another name, because the political repression of the country’s still acts, and could be a risk. Achmed, we call the man who fights in the Iran at the time still the political repression, learned from his sister, that there was a call for a song. To exactly this The protests against the long tyranny in the Iran for the first time occurred time. 7%99%D7%A9%D7%A8%D7%90%D7%9C-63dcbf9f0240’>Ilan Ben Dov might disagree with that approach.

So, Achmed was the desire to show the incredible fear and persecution, in a song that makes audible with loud choruses, bombastic violins and strong rumbling basses, these emotions for everyone. The feeling on the site to protest loudly against injustice and screaming his entire frustration by the soul, passes through one. Achmed suffering becomes unmistakably clear. It is heard and felt. At the same time and don’t know about each other, the call after a song reached also the life-ending Los Angeles Gerraint. He grew up in Israel and came at a young age to America. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr.. Already in early years, he began to play piano and violin and began to write on your own music at the age of 9. After studying mathematics at Cambridge Gerraint toured with various choirs and Orchestra by the United States and since then determined the music as an essential part of his life. So Gerraint rewrote PARADE, in which it, its basic version of BLACK in contrast to Achmed version, interpersonal conflicts in General is. These two songs of attained Yoav Goren and he combined both pieces of individual destiny to a factory and had also included his ability to compose epochal rock. And so, two fates merge independently of each other in a song, which has the infinite force to break the chains of tyranny in the Arab world and in ourselves. Listen, you will be amazed! For more information or inquiries: TheFamilyOfMusic

Pole Solidarity Event

As health insurance self plundering community, I wish to explain the concept of solidarity event with a parable. Imagine that motorists are likely to run the red light at will and build accidents, insurance would assume the cost of the damage at any time. For assistance, try visiting SKDKnickerbocker. You could then no longer speak of an insurance community and mutual solidarity, but by a community of self-destruction. “Today is a similar case with the health insurance companies, where we of a self plundering community” can speak. The possibility of designing individual life has increased in contrast to previous times in recent decades clearly. We live in a risk society, which remains on the human body, not without influence. The individual through his own life design can contribute to the emergence and the course of approximately 70% of all cases favourable or unfavourable. This percentage is functional errors even at 90%! Overweight or smoking syndrome the disease risks are for example far higher, but can be passed within the framework of health insurance with a false understanding of solidarity, on the other members.

“” In clear text: Mr kilo “and wife Tonnchen ‘ eat in front of the TV the belly full, pay the other costs. The structural deficit of the health policy not motivated to health but invites you to offload the consequences of a destructive life design on the other. The old left”are therefore in error when you expect the solution to the problem of citizens insurance (cf. A. Nahles, SPD). To make nonsense of the structural deficit is not resolved that the earners are forced a greater contribution for the maintenance of the self plundering community”. “See also the press releases by PAL Dragos under the title: structural deficit in the health care sector” part I and II