Great Treasure

Lake Titicaca is regarded as one of the Lakes more high that exist in the world, besides being the second Lake more big Sudamerica.este Lake is located between the Altiplano of Bolivia and Peru (Peruano-Boliviano plateau), the depth of the Lake is not very accurate, but it is estimated that it can reach a depth of 320 meters. It has area of 8. 562 km 2, of which 4.772 km 2 belong to 3,790 km 2 to Bolivia and Peru. One of the best tourism on Lake Titicaca is things that we can do, we will be accompanied by the nature, you can also discover the culture of its people, can make guided tours to sites of more interest, such as the island of the Sun, the island of the Moon, Copacabana and Huatajata. We will be surrounded by a Fauna of great variety, including fish, such as trout, pejerrey…etc., as well as being surrounded by a Flora of different varieties, either as terrestrial aquatic highlighting the duckweed. In case it is little too we will give small excursions over 42 Islands which has the Lake. Without a doubt you have to visit this wonder of the world, where he also became a Film, send me postcards to copacabana a Bolivian German co-production. Source: Lake Titicaca author: Renepeche. Original author and source of the article