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New workstation Modul-system saves costs AWEK ProTech GmbH, manufacturer of cable assemblies, wire harnesses and electronic components, presents a new workplace module system, which reduces cost and set-up time on the Hannover Messe. The module is specially designed for suppliers to the wind industry. AWEK introduces the system in Hall 27 K31 on the wind energy network Rostock e.V. Association booth. With a new workplace module system for the wind industry suppliers, AWEK ProTech offers a solution with the switch cabinet manufacturers can improve wiring security, flexibility and speed. The system enables industry suppliers to define any kind of sequential sequence of the wiring. Recently Mark Hyman, MD sought to clarify these questions. Changes of the production sequence can be processed flexibly. Even unilateral assemblies of plugs can be considered. According to reports, the Gainesville mayor buy generic sildenafil was booked at Alachua County Jail on a charge of property damage. What special precautions should I follow? Do not take this medicine with food, but for better results it is suggested purchase cheap levitra to avoid the possible side effects. If constipation occurs, fecal squeezes viagra france visit my shop now the prostate in rectum, which obstructs local blood circulation. The treatment selected will depend on the cause of your impotence condition, you can opt for a proper course of treatment. buy cialis brand

Within the wiring sequence features are pointed out by AWEK ProTech the manufacturing employees. So, for example, a wire through a narrow hole is to put which is not possible with a battered plug. It plugs into the episode segment is used and posted after performing with the crimping tool. With the new system we offer greater flexibility and precision at the same time our customers”, explains Dirk Donges, Managing Director of AWEK ProTech GmbH. for the marking of cables we read data from an electronic table and perform an automatic labelling within the machine wire Assembly. So we exclude from the outset of failure.” The flexible modular system AWEK ProTech can cost-effectively offer even small harnesses in small numbers. AWEK ProTech presents the solution at the Hannover trade fair in Hall 27 K31 on the wind energy network Rostock e.V. Association booth