WP Value Points GmbH And Shoplister24.de Cooperate

Cooperation offers many advantages to operators of online shops. Dusseldorf, the November 20, 2009 – WP value points GmbH operator of the community Wertpunkte.de and shoplister24.de cooperate off immediately in the area of marketing and sales. With this cooperation, shoplister24.de a number of advantages allows operators of online shops. So get a shopowner, free entered your shop at shoplister24.de a starting credit of 10,000 points of value, to try out the advertising and customer binding capabilities of Wertpunkte.de. Also get shop operators who are also logged into Wertpunkte.de, discounted advertising rates at shoplister24.de. SHOPLISTER24.DE: Shoplister24.de is free for shop operators (basic entry without additional options), as well as for end users.

The catalogue offers Web shop operators the possibility of quick shop in to enter at the same time up to 50 of a total of nearly 300 categories. Also can be called also top brands and top products in the shop description and presented current coupon or discount offers. Mandatory for shop applications such as Payment options and shipping costs ensure that the end user can comfortably search for the online shops that meet their special needs. WERTPUNKTE.DE: Operators of Wertpunkte.de is about the Dusseldorf WP value points GmbH. Wertpunkte.de suitable for every website operator as a cheap instrument among others to customer retention, customer acquisition and Contentgenerierung. The value points system was developed six years ago by the ITM-pec IDEAS TO MARKET and formed the basis for the successful development of Urlaub.de; Auto.de; Finanzen.de; games.de etc. About WP value points GmbH, the system is fully available now all site operators. Jorg Mahi