Asbestos Situation

Veterans of the asbestos industry asbestos dedicated their working lives, many of them have even created chrysotile dynasty, leading to the production of children and grandchildren. Their life – the main evidence of safety of chrysotile asbestos in its controlled use (ie, subject to occupational health standards in the enterprise). "We are working in asbestos factories for more than 30-40 years, we are quite healthy people, we do not have lung cancer or other diseases that we impute abroad. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jon Medved has to say. Stop us to put false diagnoses and earlier time to bury us. We willing to publicly declare that unite in order to protect their jobs and win "- emotionally spoke of chrysotile industry veterans at the Founding Congress in honor of creating the new association. In his address to the veterans, the governor of Sverdlovsk region A.

Misharin noted that "the stability of the social situation in the city is inextricably linked with the situation in asbestos and asbestopotreblyayuschey industries." "The stability of the Middle Urals industrial complex must be protected from unfair competition", – concluded the Governor. The main motive of the supporters of the campaign antiasbestovoy – own business benefit. Negative experiences with amphibole asbestos (it was banned everywhere in the 50-60s. Twentieth century) in Western Europe has forced them to seek alternative materials. Antiasbestovoe lobby – is authoritative transnational companies – steel and chemical companies, which thus compete for markets for their products – the more expensive substitutes for chrysotile asbestos. The main victims of their activities can be More than 500 thousand people who will lose their work at a time (up to entire cities, such as asbestos), which can cause negative economic and social consequences.

This spring, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev signed into law "On accession to the Rotterdam Convention", which will help Russia, as its full member, to oppose unwarranted decisions antiasbestovogo lobby for inclusion in the list of hazardous substances chrysotile asbestos. The Russian side is ready to share experience safe use of chrysotile with all interested parties. As Deputy Minister of Economic Development Ministry said Igor Manylov, "the results of our Studies indicate that it is necessary to use reasonable safety in the workplace. Hazards during normal everyday use of asbestos-containing products by us, as well as all other countries which are widely used chrysotile asbestos – the U.S., China, Mexico, the CIS countries – have been identified. " According to the veterans for more than a century of chrysotile industry in our country has experienced difficulties in the war, helped reconstruction of the country and today the debt of these people – to defend the chrysotile industry in Russia.