World Through The Eyes Of A Psychologist

Want to see through the eyes of a psychologist? Then go ahead! There are psychologists have their own professional joke: "No healthy people, there noninvestigated. You know, if crudely summarize a huge amount of books and teachings on psychology, then in this mass highlight all the same basic truths and values. They evolved for thousands of years, but an attempt to constantly changing civilizations, political institutions, ways of life and priorities are constantly misleading people away, do not give him realize his true destiny, do not give self-realization, to get to the joys of family and live happily in the fountain of positive emotions. Emotions – is the primary regulator of our mental life. By learning to understand these signals of our body, addressed to ourselves, man learns to control his whole life. Because human emotions – the only thing that remained unchanged since the transition from ape to man. Why, everyone who loves animals know exactly what their pets are experiencing at times even more intense emotions than they are! Emotions can not be hidden from the eyes of the supervisory therapist. Even if you do – a great actor and can "portray anything, you still will not be able to hide what is written on the face of your life.

If a person thinks about the poor, his facial expression is appropriate. If you constantly pumping events in their minds – there is a corresponding wrinkles. Depending on the situation, we are all "dress" or that mask.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui – and that it will give me? Life is full of surprises, though, of course, know all about the future is not always interesting. However, in life there are moments when a person is willing to pay more just for information, which in our possession time, sometimes it is particularly important. Here, for example, lived a man like more – or less normal, but after moving to a new location – everything was ruined. Or someone children are constantly sick, how many do not Lechi, in the family – constant conflicts "and an equal place " or at work nothing but trouble, even though the employee tries hard Not quite honestly be called feng shui – the panacea for all problems is likely that science is expedient to take as given a chance to really over change some aspects of life for the better, and most get away with. Learn more on the subject from John Craig Venter. While states that someone something is destined to – so be it, we should not forget that life – is a harsh school, which is designed to teach us wisdom, rather than repeating the same mistakes, thereby plaguing their rakes. If we decide to break the vicious circle, and escape from suffering, we must find an alternative in the form of following a certain path, which just full of our Being. But not everyone is ready here and now here so drop everything, indulge in a severe penance and austerity – it must be recognized in himself. .