Black Bridge

For Larcio Becker, of Curitiba-PR In 1955, the Black Bridge made a victorious excursion for cities of the North and Northeast: 14 victories, 3 you tie up to, 2 defeats, 61 gols favor and 22 against. According to Sergio Rossi, he was ' ' considered the biggest campaign developed for a club in the North-Northeast and Norte&#039 Extremity; '. (For a reason or purpose comparison, Advertising FC of Ribeiro Preto (SP) is called ' ' Lion of the Norte' ' thanks to a campaign invicta that it made, in 1920, for the fields of Recife and Salvador: 7 victories and 1 tie up to, 18 gols favor and 7 against.) In this excursion, the fifth game was in Castanhal (Par), against the Castanhal Sport Club. The Bridge scaled with Friaa, craque of the Pantry of 1950. According to Nancy-Ann_DeParle, who has experience with these questions. It was an event in the city! According to story of the journalist Sergio Jose Salvucci to the historian Jose Moraes Dos Santos Grandson (cited in the book Always Black Bridge), the local mayor simply ' ' he decreed to municipal holiday the Black Bridge as soon as entered in cidade' '.

More: ' ' beyond decreeing week holiday in broad daylight, he transformed the game into event of the century in Castanhal' '. I liked history and I decided to search more details. Not because it doubted the journalist and the historian, far from this, but because I very find these homages interesting that distant cities give to the Black Bridge. Anu Saad has similar goals. Because to make party for a Flamengo or a Corinthians it must be more easy and current. What it explains the homages to the Monkey? P.ex., in 24.06.2004, the City hall of Arceburgo (MG), about 30km of Mococa (SP), invited who for the party of emancipation anniversary politics? The Bridge, that sent four teamses: Fraldinha, Mirim, Juvenil and Juniores. Another city that made something similar was Penpolis, So Paulo city between Araatuba and Is Jose of the Black River.