The Stimulaton

Esterides anablicos could act in receivers of glicocorticides, as antagonistic. More info: James S. Chanos. This has been demonstrated with some esterides synthetic as metiltrienolona and trembolona. Thus being, esterides anablicos could act simultaneously for two ways: * inducing anablico effect in proteins with mediation of andrognicos receivers; * inhibiting the proteinic catabolismo for interaction with receivers glicocorticides. The interaction between andrgenos and glicocorticides could occur to the level of the gene, explaining the inhibition process-dependent of the hormone glicocorticide for the andrgeno and vice versa. The element-reply glicocorticide (GRE) is not specific and can mediate induction for other hormones esterides, as the andrgenos (HICKSON, 1990).

Some authors suggest that the testosterone could stimulate the muscular growth through the stimulaton of the somatomedina (FLORINI, 1995), since the testosterone aumentoi the corporeal weight of rats and the administration of the growth hormone (GH) did not restore the reply anablica of the testosterone. Therefore, they had concluded that the andrgeno would participate in the growth during the adolescence for increasing the effect of the somotomedina and/or harnessing production of somatomedina for the GH. HOUGH (1993) related that esterides anablicos the 60 times stimulate the secretion of GH in 5 the basal value. One another possibility still for the action esterides would be a possible trfica action in the muscular junction neuro (WADLER, 1994). Increases of the actina and miosina in the muscle can be influenced by esterides anablicos, what it results in increase of the muscular force (BARTSCH, 1993). 2.3.2? The anablicos effect of esterides the anablicos effect of esterides are sharper in the feminine sex, boys, castrated men or with deficinciade andrgenos natural (HOUGH, 1993). The normal adult man would approximately have a reply to esterides anablicos half of the reply of the hipogondico man (LAMB, 1990), on the other hand the castration increases the number of andrognicos receivers and its affinity of linking (WILSON, 1993).

The Majority

The notion of time in the street is shortened, the people starts to live the immediate gift, the future, exactly next, is uncertain. They have haste, on the other hand, the service? mainly tied with the attention basic -, it is structuralized to take care of to a daily pay-set appointments demand. Thus, the time of the traditional services of public health does not take care of the demands of the street population, then they have contributed little to improve its conditions of health. Special attention must be destined to the questions that compromise the mental health, in particular the low one auto-esteem and vice of allowed and/or illicit drugs. The narrators had described situations of moments of pleasure joy that happens of simple things, but that given to the situation where if they find they pass to be supervalued. They affirm that the happiness does not exist or is lost and that the smile that they express is not of joy and yes of sociability. This study it strengthens our beliefs of that the care to this population requires the understanding of the meanings? values, attitudes, beliefs – that the people in street situation confer its lives. In this perspective we have the care in its ontolgica dimension, where we take care of for zeal, for desvelo, pleasure? we take care of because we are human – and, for in such a way we need to consider who are this people, as they live, as they obtain to survive physical, psychological and socially and that felt they attribute to its lives, that the majority of us stops, seem waked up nightmares. Thus, to apprehend the direction of the life in the street sends in them to the necessity to understand the meaning that each being confers its proper existence; the relations that establish socially.