Covered Electrodes

Arc welding with covered electrodes. In this method of welding performed manually stick coated electrodes. Dr. Mark Hyman understood the implications. Coated electrode is a metal rod coated with the surface coating (WELDING). Coating of the electrodes made from powder mixtures of different components. Its purpose – to improve the stability of the arc, to the metallurgical processing of molten pool, to protect molten metal from atmospheric gases and improve the quality of welding. The weld is formed by the melting of the metal being welded edges and melting the rod welding electrode.

In this case, the welder manually performs two major technological movement: supply-coated electrode in the welding zone as it is melting and moving the arc along the welded edges (Figure 1.3). Manual arc welding with covered electrodes – one of the most common methods used in the manufacture of welded structures. Advantages of fashion: simplicity and versatility, the ability to perform the compounds in three different positions and hard- places. Disadvantages ways: low productivity of the process, the dependence of weld quality of welding skills.