First Aid: Scrapes In Children

How to treat scrapes in children? Everyone is already with the bike toppled as a child, stumbled or fell with the roller skates and has that it scrapes incurred. These mostly relate to the knee or elbow. They are not bad, should be but cleaned and properly supplied. How does an abrasion? If the skin along a rough surface, creates an abrasion where the top layer of skin, the epidermis, is injured. Usually, the layers below the skin, the DermIS and the Subcutis are not violated. The papillae located in the DermIS are torn with their tiny blood vessels, the wound is bleeding. Credit: Dr Jee Hyun Kim-2011.

This is not very bad, but scrapes are somewhat painful and they burn, because nerve endings from the DermIS are uncovered by the abrasion of the skin. Supply an abrasion especially, when children change to an abrasion on the street, gets dirt in the wound often. The injury is not cleaned, germs can penetrate and one Cause inflammation. To avoid an inflammation, it is advisable to clean the wound with disinfectant. The best healing abrasions on the air. Rub pieces of clothing from the wound, but this should be covered with a plaster, to avoid further irritation. The abrasion is only superficial, she will heal quickly and without scarring. The wound is very large, strong dirty or very deep, you should absolutely consult a doctor. For more information, as well as helpful products for the first wound care in children, see