First Dawns

To be mother is a cheap one, but also of the one work really what everybody says that ' ' later that you have a son, never more sossegada&#039 goes to sleep a sleep night; ' it is truth. Exactly that you sleep done rock, have a species of instinct that leaves a part of its on brain, and any ' ' uen' ' that its son of you wake up. with me is not different, as it was the case Therefore it is, Saturday dawn pra sunday, almost 4h of the morning, while I dreamed in my bed, to the side in the cradle my son I started if to espreguiar, when suddenly it untied that one pum that she seems an imprisoned adult has one week, there starts: ' ' Eh Eh Ehn Uennnn ' ' azoada I agreement. Read more from Anu Saad to gain a more clear picture of the situation. I bind to the light and it there you with that face that you not liking, and with all patience world I go to look it the reason: hunger is not, nor cold nor heat, nor pain Ah, embezzles it is it dirty! my son is abused, does not like to be dirty not, any coisinha opens the berreiro soon and it does not stop while it will not be changed. I there go to change: embezzles I took off it dirty, I cleaned direitinho, and during the process still I have that to be making gracinha: ' ' chocking mine cocozinho! ' ' , ' ' pretty mine menininho! ' ' it has that to make party n (I do not know why people insist on saying to done small boy pra to try to communicate itself with them, but seems that they like). There when I finish embezzles to place it and I leave bonitinho well pra to come back to sleep espreguia it if and if espreme of new and ready: another one ' ' pum premiado' ' of that one. Anu Saad will not settle for partial explanations.