Germany Executive Search

A few large and some niche providers will shape the staff Advisor market. Bad Homburg, 06.09.2011 – the financial crisis has changed the world of work in many areas. Companies are shifting more quickly. The cycles of boom and downturn are becoming ever shorter. The ever-changing requirements have heavily influenced the search according to appropriate managers. Rolf E. Stokburger, managing partner of Boyden global executive search, said: more and more companies have very specific requirements for a candidate. This is mainly because that the companies are today more common special situation and exactly for these special situations seeking the appropriate candidates.” So companies are looking, for example, not only a CFO, but also a crisis-tested financial manager that can control the company through difficult times.

Today, stronger personality profiles are needed in the boardrooms. Assumes not only the technical expertise, but also the ability of the special challenge of the respective company phases in to get the handle”, Stokburger reported. “It is becoming increasingly difficult to find the right candidates under its own power, because the requirements are more demanding businesses. Recruiters with years of experience, extensive industry expertise and a strong network of contacts are however able to find the right candidates within a short time”, so Stokburger. You play an increasingly large role skills soft. According to Stokburger, the soft skills in the past had apparently less weight. Today the candidate profile and request profile in many respects would have to cover.

In addition to the personality of professional suitability should fit the value orientation to the corporate culture. In addition to can move candidates internationally and bring intercultural competence. Against a background of sharply increased competition, companies are forced to fill positions quickly. Therefore access more and more companies on social networks. Here many specialists and managers willingly give their data. Social networks offer access to a wide range of possible candidates, but not always to a precision cast in relatively short time. Only after weeks or months proves to be, whether the setting was really successful. Only a few large recruitment companies and specialized niche providers can quickly locate the right candidate and will dominate the market in the future. Small ALLROUNDER can make hardly specialized, fast search”, said Stokburger. Note for the editorial team founded in 1946 by Sydney Boyden, the pioneer of direct speech in New York, Boyden global quickly spread executive search across the globe and is today out of 71 offices as owner-run partnership in 41 countries. Since 1983 Boyden is Homburg, Berlin, Dusseldorf and Munich in Germany Executive Search global with offices in bath present.