Chile Studies

An extensive menu which expressly request the rejection of the studies of environmental impact of dams for Hidroaysen and southern energy today in assessment, delivered last Monday leaders of the organizations comprising the Coalition citizen lifetime Aysen Reserva de members of the Regional Commission of the environment of Aysen (Corema) during one of their regular sessions. The bottom of the letter, which is also addressed to the community in general, argues that such is the volume of irregularities and questions that have made both bodies with environmental competence and citizens we make an urgent appeal to our President and regional authorities members of the Corema that, at the height of the high responsibility of State which have and which will be supported by the communitytake the only decision which corresponds to take on this occasion, which is to reject the study on justice and legitimacy in freedom. The letter, which begins by pointing out there is outrage in the Region of Aysen and Chile, founded the request in the light of the widespread rejection to this kind of initiatives of 55% at the national level in spite of the large number of complaints that have left an enormous number of irregularities in its development and processing in evidence. Later lists a series of irregularities associated both to HidroAysen as southern energy, such as allegations made by unauthorized work on fiscal grounds, not income of EIA studies affecting the San Rafael Lagoon National Park and disparity of criteria between the treatment given to HidroAysen, to the lease you the State fiscal ground to a ridiculous value ($ 420 per hectare(, in a cloth of 1,852 hectares) for their studies on the Pascua River, in contrast with which is given daily to our inhabitants that they live (and die) performing similar procedures, among other situations. Adds a series of anomalous events such as the Superintendence of health services found that the Soletanche Bachy contractor poured lead, for months to Baker River arsenic, aluminum, iron, fecal coliforms above the norm unless it received minor punishment. .