Media Market

Product manufactured by the media, is unusual, it is designed for simultaneous action and the commodity market and services market. As the product supports information disseminated in the form of magazines, books, newspapers, radio – and TV, etc. The audience receives this information, and is a consumer media. However, the interests are very different audiences: one interesting financial and political news, to others – and series programs about animals, therefore the content of the newspaper, magazine or TV program on the day of uniform, as the media are trying to satisfy as much as possible a large audience. For the majority of media consumers as needed integrated product that includes news, information, educational and recreational components. Advertising is also part of the content and for the perception of the audience relates to the information or news block. Get all the facts and insights with cardiologist, another great source of information. Often the advertising of products or individual producers seamlessly woven into the telecast, such as programs on health, describes useful supplements, and on the channel "RBC" is different advertising analytical studies. Thus, advertising in the media is fundamentally different from the kinds of outdoor advertising such as signboards or billboards.

The second market is the market for media services. Product Media – an organization access to a specific target audience. That depends on the type of audience the cost of advertising in various forms of media. Media provide the most complete and accurate coverage of target groups. For example, for advertising construction company will be the best marketing tool the city publications and television programs. Extensive attention of the audience provided by the media, can not be achieved by such means of advertising like outdoor advertising, "direct mail "or business cards and their distribution in various exhibitions and promotions. At the same time, national brand advertising for airtime on national TV channels would be preferable for this reason advertisements of brands such as "Danone" or "Mars' broadcast primarily on the central TV channels. It should be noted that much of the media does not take part in promotional activities. These media features include DVD and music CDs, books and other products. Although usually found on DVD announcements of other films, but this information has very little effect on product promotion.