Objectives of aerobic

Objectives of aerobic exercise aerobic exercise intensity can be measured in relation to the maximum volume of oxygen consumed by the body. But for practical purposes, the intensity is calculated with the frequency of heartbeats per minute. The maximum frequency or maximum number of beats per minute (NPM), which can achieve a healthy heart for sure, is calculated using a constant of 220 (for men) and 210 (for women) which is subtracted from the age, ie : NPM Men 220 – Age NPM for women 210 – Age Thus a man of 50 years would be: 220 – 50 170. It is considered gentle exercise to that performed an average of 55 to 60 of the maximum number of pulses (NMP), performed moderate to between 60 – 75 , and strong to run between 75 and 85 . Over 85 of NMP is added a large anaerobic component. The greatest benefits are achieved with moderate aerobic exercise.For example, a 50 year old man should maintain a heart rate between 102 and 127 beats per minute for the exercise intensity is moderate and that would be your target heart rate (FCO). Keeping the FCO can guarantee profits and avoid complications.