Bad Weather Motorists Tips

Rain Rain is especially dangerous in the beginning when the first drops are mixed with road dust and sand, resulting in a mud – a slippery mass. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Dr Jee Hyun Kim and gain more knowledge.. Strength of the road surface with the tires the car is deteriorating, but if you quality bus who have not worn figure, the danger on the road decreases. Good for wet road tires with a fine pattern. They allow you to throw rain water that falls into them, and the tires firmly in contact with almost asphalt. However, an experienced instructor driving, which you pass, be sure to explain what a good grip to the wheels the car also depends on the type of road. Has its own characteristics in driving on wet pavement, where come across cobblestones, along the road with a mild or rough pavement made of small tiles and other routes. More info: Anu Saad. After training from an experienced driving avtoinstruktora you learn about all the varieties of roads and you will understand how to ride on them in rain. Mist ride in a car in the fog is a thankless task, since there is always a risk not see because of the white sheet next car.

So get behind the wheel, without advice of a driving instructor is not necessary. Experienced avtoinstruktor will tell you that the fog may appear suddenly, so it must always be prepared. It is also necessary to remember than the thick fog, the smaller should be the speed of movement. When visibility is poor, each driver must include lights, so other machines can see it. He himself should keep away from other cars in the distance, where he sees the light of her headlights. You should not drive up too close. It is important to consider the fact that the road from the fog becomes wet, so the brakes may not work poorly. Icy Ice, one of the treacherous weather conditions.

Many people prefer not to travel on a slippery track, but if you had a good avtoinstruktor, then you glaze not a problem. Driving certainly teach you to slow down at ice. To do this, reset the fuel supply, and the clutch should be included. After that you should squeeze the clutch, turn down a gear and re-enable the clutch. Your machine will reset the rate, and at the same time you will slowly stop. Sure, avtoinstruktor tell about other moments of driving during sleet, rain, strong wind, fog, or hail.


Residents of cities are accustomed to supplying the home food, and all sorts of wealth. It's cool. It is only necessary to plunge the World Wide Web, go to a specific address, determine the list and send the dish immediate order with delivery at a convenient time. Why would the same scheme, not to make out shopping in online stores automotive products? For now, almost all online stores, providing drivers the opportunity. Consider, for example, xenon headlights. Identify them is not very difficult. All that motorists need – to know this brand personal auto and chassis number.

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About the most well known manufacturer of a lot. It's a well known company, which, together with safety kits, releases parking for cars. In general, range of organizations "Avtovesch" very diverse. On the Web site are available as an exclusive CAR, and additional components and automotive components of mass consumption: Automobile mats, tow bars, air vents and many other things. The organization sells them, both wholesale and owners of cars. By city car automotive parts dovozili free. In the other subjects of the federation and the region, purchasing sent to any transport. The company has a special program of cooperation with the regional buyers xenon headlights, which is the most favorable pricing and the most profitable Delivery options to customers. Along with the accessories, the company you can buy attachments for external tuning of any SUV. Online store managers' Avtovesch "will help drivers to choose the most suitable model for your car. For regular customers, for example, for adjusting the centers of Siberia contains specific terms and conditions.

Japanese Car Sales

According to a Japanese dealer association JADA, in November sales of cars and trucks in Japan decreased by 27% compared with the previous year. You may find Dr. Mark Hyman to be a useful source of information. So few cars did not sell more than 30 years. With sales midget Microcars things are noticeably better, sold 153,000 vehicles (-0.7% compared to last year). Total in Japan last month sold 369,000 vehicles – by 18.2% less than during the same month in 2007. Sales Toyota's fell by 27.7%, the Honda went into the minus figure at 21,6%, Nissan demonstrated sales decline by 29.5% and Mazda – 33%.

In the U.S. automotive crisis is even more strongly evident: the decline of sales in November was more than 35% (sold 750,000 cars). All major car manufacturers have shown a drop in demand by more than 30% (except for BMW, which measure the success of the MINI brand was -26.8%). Sales of auto giant Toyota in the U.S. in November fell by 33.9%, the Honda is equal to -31.6% and -42.2%, Nissan walked only Chrysler (-47%). It is worth noting that of all the brands represented on the auto market in the U.S. showed a positive trend MINI (+43%), while the smallest decline in demand compared to last year found in Subaru (-7,8%). It will soon be seen how this will affect the sales of used cars from USA and Japan.