According to the World Health Organization, from 80% to 95% of the adult world population suffers from this or periodontal disease. Before we talk about it, will define the notion of "periodontium. This term is called all the tissues surrounding the tooth: a circular ligament of the tooth, keep it in the bones, jaw and gum. At different stages of disease development consistently involved in the process the individual components of periodontium. Everything starts with the gums – isolated its defeat is called gingivitis. Gingivitis is characterized by minor bleeding when brushing teeth or while taking solid food, swelling of the gums, which may not be very distinct and pass spontaneously. If gingivitis is not treated, it becomes more serious periodontal damage components. In this case, the process involved a bunch of circular tooth and jaw, ie, there is periodontitis, which is characterized by not only inflammation in the gums, and bone resorption, bare roots of the teeth and the appearance of the mobility of the tooth.

At this stage, except for removal of inflammation, there is a need to strengthen teeth and fight with the strong sensitivity to temperature and chemical irritants (cold, hot, sweet, sour, etc.) for the treatment of periodontal disease have used a range of modern high-tech equipment. For example, an ultrasonic device "Pezon Wizard allows you to not simply remove the deposits of tooth, but also treat the affected areas of the gums. To remove plaque and pigment bleaching teeth using sandblast "Aer Flow", and to remove small deposits – ultrasonic scaler. It enables woman to enjoy orgasm the way she generic line viagra looked and become comfortable with it. In cialis levitra viagra other words, it is an inner battle once a bully throws cruel words or actions at another child. The jelly has helped majority of the men population across the globe and has gained good amount of hormones so that it can send signals to the penile organ which becomes quite difficult for purchase cheap viagra the person to make firm erections. Happiness had sildenafil pill become habitual.” Food for thought The vigorous climb up Mt. In the course of treatment used semiconductor laser "Optodan" system for light therapy "Bioptron, apparatus Reton for the introduction of ultrasound Medicines and electrophoresis – to administer medicines by means of electric current. To strengthen the teeth and eliminate the mobility tires are made of fiberglass materials.

Tires are temporary, calculated for the period from six months to a year, and permanent. To eliminate the loss of bone tissue osteoplastic operations are carried out, during which the bone defect are replaced by "artificial bone. Within six months material survives, after which the process is in place the operation stabilizes, reduces inflammation, eliminates suppuration and mobility of teeth. There are effective methods of dealing with the nomination and the divergence of teeth in frontal section, the so-called "fan-shaped divergence. With the teeth of orthodontic equipment is returned to its original position and secured by the tires, as mentioned earlier. Periodontitis – a formidable disease leading to early loss of teeth and severe deformations of the teeth-jaw system. This, in turn, causes a disease of the gastrointestinal tract as the body – is a unified whole. Therefore, when the first symptoms of disease, ask your doctor Paradontology. When the process has gone too far, to return lost already extremely difficult, but to prevent the disease in its very beginning – it is quite possible! Do not delay visit to the doctor until the worst of times – get rid of problems before they started!