Staying Health, Staying Slim

If you know someone who is very overweight, and obese, you’re probably in the presence of someone who really likes sweets. Your obesity may also be a symptom of alcoholism. Ultra Wellness Center oftentimes addresses this issue. It is easy to eat candy or sweets or alcohol and repeat this routine until the cows. So fatten. The candy does not feed us well and lead us over many repetitions. They give you calories do not need.

The famous Dr. Yudkin said something wise: a The sugar and spirits share a unique distinction: they are the only foods that give us nothing but calories . The other problem when we eat too many empty calories is that it kills the appetite to eat food that really provide nutrients such as fruits and vegetables. They also provide us with glucose but also give us vitamins, minerals and fiber. There are people who have problems with their endocrine glands or have a poor function of other organs and thus do not metabolize food properly, it is true. But they are a minority.

Poor diet is one that usually leads to obesity. A good way to prevent obesity and high blood pressure is to remove carbohydrates from our diet. Avoid also eliminate other conditions such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems. Choose foods high in fiber such as cereals, vegetables and fruits takes us away from overweight and keeps us healthy. And the sugar must be replaced with substitutes such as honey, molasses or the famous maple syrup (syrup sap). Finally an issue that our busy and sedentary city life has made us forget. Much more important than diets is to activate our body. Only half an hour walk a day, very quickly, yes, only that can lead us to lose two kilos a month. So if you controlled your weight, eat well, not necessarily low, and at least walk a lot. It’s that simple.