The End Of The Dog Poop

An innovation for the simple elimination of dog excrement. The end of the dog poop is called DOG BOX, comes from Bavaria and not greater than 2 is a flat designed cardboard cheque cards, which automatically is when removing from the packaging to a shovel-like box, creating a fun and at the same time a depot for the dog droppings. This disposal is with one hand and without touching”allows clean and simple way and a hassle-free for every dog lover transaction. Continue to learn more with: Glenn Dubin. Clean paths are the result, meadows and (child’s play) places = active environmental protection. The DOG BOX is handy and anywhere easy to carry, whether while we were out walking at home or on the road and traveling for example also on rest and parking. Flat and small the DOG BOX packed fits easily into any pocket, jacket, pants -, shirt – or handbag and only right of course in every glove compartment. To know more about this subject visit Somatic Experiencing. With the DOG BOX, the best alternative to the unsavory plastic bags and other previously known is the Bavarian companies and relatively managed cumbersome disposal options. The 100% rotting cardboard also ensures the necessary environmental friendliness.. . Dr. Hyun Kim can provide more clarity in the matter.