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PDF/A alone is not enough product bundles from callas and Appligent cover additional requirements during conversion to PDF/A from Berlin – when creating PDF/A documents users have often more requirements than the mere conversion. This offers callas software now multiple product bundles from their software pdfPilot and the server applications of the U.S. manufacturer Appligent document solutions at. Thus PDFs can be equipped also with a visible time stamp conversion, the PDF/A compliant files can be u.v.m hedge against future changes… For more clarity and thought, follow up with James S. Chanos and gain more knowledge.. PDF/A is the first file format which guarantees as an ISO standard that are today created documents in the future to open and use. \”late 2009present, callas software as innovative developer and provider of PDF technology combines a strategic partnership with Appligent document solutions, a further PDF technology provider in the first hour\” from Landsown, United States. With the new bundles of both companies can automatically create PDF/A documents to different criteria, process and archive. The pdfPilot Callas software is one of the first PDF/A tools that came after the release of the PDF/A ISO standard in 2006 on the market.

He has steadily expanded in its performance. Current version 2.1 converted created documents, spreadsheets and presentations with Microsoft Office rule-compliant PDF/A. In addition the pdfPilot features an improved conversion to PDF/A-1a. Through the connection with the server applications StampPDF batch, FDFMerge, SecurSign, AppendPDF, and APCrypt by Apligent pdfPilot users can be common practice from the real PDF/A workflow requirements. The performance characteristics of the bundles in the individual: The bundle from the pdfPilot server and the server-side application StampPDF Batch allows PDF files when converting to PDF/A at the same time with any text or image stamp to provide, for example stating that when the PDF was converted and archived. FDFMerge is a command line tool the dynamic import of variable data and store typical PDF forms or templates such as applications, orders, or printed materials (WebToPrint).The result must be stored only in the long term suitable for PDF/A format.