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Many parents have experienced the anguish of seeing your baby cry for an ear infection. Each year, about 30 million doctor visits in the United States are due only to pediatric ear infections. Ringing in the ear: A child undergoes an examination of ear with the mobile phone version, created by CellScope, a usual medical instrument by your doctor on the phone. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Mark Hyman. A start-up called CellScope has developed a device that could make these visits were unnecessary. Connects to the iPhone and produces an inner ear view increased by a factor of 10. Users can capture and upload images to the web platform of CellScope. After adding notes about other symptoms, parents may ask your doctor to perform an examination at a distance. In most cases, that would be sufficient information to prescribe a drug, says the CEO of CellScope, Eric Douglas. This week, CellScope grossed 1 million dollars (800,000 euros) of Khosla Ventures to work in this version connected to smart phones of the Otoscope, the usual instrument that doctors use to look inside the ears and diagnose infections. CellScope, which came out of the incubator of Rock Health care last year, is an example of the recent increase in devices and applications related to health for smart phones. Patients can already be tracked on their physical condition, measuring his blood sugar and even detect malaria using phones and connected devices. Juniper Research predicts that there will be 142 million downloads of mobile applications of health for the year 2016. Mike Wisz, health-care technology consultant, says CellScope is interesting because of its potential to reduce office visits and medical care costs. The images also capture would allow parents more easily seek a second opinion, and can be stored in electronic health records of the child to refer to them in the future, indicates. The CellScope technology was developed for the first time at the University of California at Berkeley (United States), where the research team of Professor of bioengineering Daniel Fletcher created a mobile microscope used to diagnose tuberculosis in developing countries. Douglas, who worked on the project, says that the company was created to commercialize the concept and is starting with simple applications that require a smaller increase of the images. The company is making a pilot test of its mobile Otoscope with doctors in the Bay Area of San Francisco (USA).UU.) and it is leading a clinical trial to prove that the images are as good as other methods of diagnosis, indicates Douglas. The device will be sold among consumers, although the doctor of the user would have to agree with this so little conventional method. The price is not known yet, but would be within the range of accessories for the iPhone, says Douglas. CellScope is developing other applications of microscopy and moving image to build a first aid kit digital. One of the upcoming products, a dermatoscope, would generate images with quality diagnostic skin diseases. After ear infections, skin eruptions are the second cause of visits to the pediatrician, says the company.


1st Division Joint Senior Basketball In the 2008/2009 season starts the 1st Division Basketball Senior Board. It will be a unique group comprised of 10 teams, structured according to the following model: 1 st Division: unique group of 10 teams, the top 4 teams qualify for finals and the last 3 teams lose more. Phase Final: or Semi-finals (1 vs. 4 and 2 to 3 ) or Final and 3rd / 4th Position Phase Upgrade: Depending on the number of teams in each Area Sports will form groups of 1st and 2nd phase of the District.Be classified eight teams that will play the ascent phase: or Quarterfinals or Semifinal or Final and 3 / 4 The three top finishers in the ascent phase will go to 1st Division, taking into account: a) A club or organization may not have more than one team in 1st Division, have the same or different name. b) If a team belonged in readiness to ascend a club or organization that already has a 1st Division team, and he did not lose more in the same season, will take the place of ascent the next team in the standings. Downward: The last 3 teams ranked in the 1st Division lost the category, taking into account: a) be computed teams disqualified or withdrawn from the competition. b) The team disqualified automatically lose more. In all matters relating to the conditions for acquiring or maintaining the right to be part of the 1st Division, and the rules for filling vacancies, we consider the provisions of Articles 32 and 33 of this Regulation. Definition of the competition: This edition will be organized by the Area Sports Triana (largest number of teams entered. The group will consist of the eight teams in the Final Phase: Fars (Macarena), Santa Ana and Akros-Cronos (Triana), Basketball Nazarene (South), Bullas and Panevezys Kaunas (Nervion) Mireste Basketball and Plantypark (East) To complete the ten teams, will take into account the number of teams in each Area District Sports-o-: or this: 16 teams or Macarena: 6 teams or Nervi n: 19 teams or South: 8 teams or Triana: 28 teams In summary, the Team completed a District team and a Macarena Triana. Each Area Sports confirm the participation of these teams.