Good Makeup Cosmetics

"Girls, what makeup you recommend?" These questions, and sometimes even cries for help can be found on almost every forum. Compassionate "girl" chorus offers a choice of a bunch of brands. According to the principle: who likes deaconess, a priest's daughter who. As a result of blatant completely confused. And rushing on the internet from brand to brand, looking for feedback on brands and cosmetics from the list of well-wishers. If you are the army of "bustler" then recall that the most complete database of cosmetics is available at sSkinDoctor.

There you can check and its composition. Stop! Try to overcome the herd instinct, and pay attention to their skin. The process of dating can be divided into three stages: 1. Take the time to stand up in front of a mirror, armed with a magnifying glass and look at your skin. On the forehead and nose drops of fat, and cheeks are dry? Advanced as an orange peel pores of which have shed fat? Black dots spoil the whole form? The skin is covered with tiny red veins? Mesh of wrinkles around the eyes and mouth? 2. And now remember the sensations of different procedures. Tightens the skin after washing? The skin color of some ash-gray, lifeless? Face always shines? Under eye dark circles? Lower eyelid as if falls on his cheek? 3.

And finally, the most unpleasant – acne and dark spots. The skin on the forehead is rough, like sandpaper? Small pimples and a rash of red spots are visible on the forehead above the eyebrows, sides of nose and chin? Pimples around the mouth with a white pus head, appearing mainly in the critical days? On cheeks deep subcutaneous inflammation boljuchih? The skin around the mouth, it seems darker than the face? Certainly, some issues are directly related to the state of your skin. Upset? In vain. All can be corrected, if set to work with the mind, knowing that your skin is – unique in the world. And it can only help yourself, do not resorting to the advice of other people who maybe have problems, but these problems are absolutely not similar to yours. Start the Diary of a Beauty Online, answer the proposed questions and get advice on caring for your skin. Now, knowing the type and structure of your skin specifically and not the skin of your colleagues on the forum, you will easily find for yourself and cosmetics, and also quickly build a chart for your skin care based on her personality. Love neighbor – is commendable. But first you need to learn to love yourself, and of course your skin. And do not treat it as a mask, you can clean it, scrape, wash, dry somewhere on the line and put on themselves. The skin of such a relationship is not forgive! Do not forget to check the composition of cosmetics!

Skin Protection From The Sun

In the summer all the women want to have a beautiful bronze tan. How to achieve it and it does not harm the skin? We know that the rays of the sun increases efficiency, resistance to colds and the body is activated production of vitamin D. But it should be wary of the sun if there is a chronic disease in the sun, they can develop rapidly and cause complications. Excessive sun exposure and sunburn can cause active development of melanoma, and accelerated aging. Even if you are only 15, with a long exposure to the sun without proper protection, aging processes are already active. If you are always well tanned, and there were no complications, and others – that does not mean that the skin can protect itself from harmful influences. If you still do not use protective equipment, it's time to start doing it. On sunscreens should always factor SPF – he said the level of protection from the sun.

A variety of sunscreen for face and body can be ordered through the online cosmetics store with delivery in Moscow. What are the basic rules of sunscreen?. The first and most important rule is that sunscreen should enjoy everything. The lighter the skin, the greater the protection factor against UV rays must have the cream. Even children need to use such a cream. All funds are applied for 10-15 minutes before the sun and are updated every 2 hours.

Just 11 am to 4 pm, it is better not stay in the sun – this is the period of maximum solar activity. When you have acquired the desired shade of tan, even when it does not give up the use of UV protection. Various means for protection from the sun can be purchased online store cosmetics with delivery in Moscow, it is cost is significantly cheaper than if you buy everything in the store. All creams contain substances that contribute to the regeneration of the skin, protect it from premature aging, as well as substances which do not allow to enter harmful rays deep into the skin.