Master Class

We need a pot in which you want to plant a tree or some flowers. This may be an ordinary flower clay pot, but I always take a pot for baking. Firstly they are cheaper than flowers (which is after all paradox), and secondly there is a cap which can also be useful. MK on the use of such caps will soon be submitted to your court. Surface on which we gypsum either a table or something else to advance to close newspapers, so as not to slap. Cap, as I have said is clear, it is useful to us later. Inside the pot no holes for utekaniya water as this whole pot for cooking and our gypsum nowhere to be expand when solidification.

Therefore, we take we do not need paper and a mnemonic to make it as much as possible and then twists it. Now be laid to our paper in the pot for each stenochke, and when will harden plaster it will expand but the pressure is not on the walls of the pot, and pressing it onto paper, and our pot will remain unharmed, and even the paper substrate will facilitate the pot. Can you imagine what it would be difficult if it all filled with plaster, and so he still quite light but steady. Once you put enough paper and left in the center spot for your tree root or a flower starting to grow gypsum. Do not forget to try a suit on the length of the root of a tree or flower to the pot and left for him. Gypsum is diluted with water, the resulting mass should be the consistency of thick cream. Holding the barrel our tree begin to pour into the pot gypsum. If there are leaves should be on top of the pot then they need to collect "a bunch" and it is desirable to close the plastic wrap or foil. n.

So fill the pot with plaster to the top. After that zagipsovyvaem trunk of our flower, in this case I put in a pot of orchid. A look at the result obtained in the cat, reserve our state flower for 24 hours. Then you can paint and give the necessary shape our leaves, and the right stuff. That's all, hope this Master Class you will be useful. I wish you good luck in creativity!


This article will help to choose a good light, not only among models but also among different manufacturers, revealing the key parameters affecting the usability of the lantern and its effectiveness is to vas.Srazu can say that the quality of LED lights have several similar characteristics: high-brightness diode, aircraft-grade aluminum body, anodized highest degree, strong glass, and rubber bands to seal rezbe; driver power, supporting and using the constant brightness all the energy from the batteries, processing management regimes. But the differences are in the process of producing these components for kontretnyh tasks user. We distinguish the important characteristics of the lamp: the tasks for which intended fonarharakter light: brightness, distance, and ottenokrazmer veselementy pitaniyakachestvo manufacturing and reliability konstruktsiiuroven accessories to your zadachitrebuemaya funktsionalnost'kak lies in the question ruku'tsena FOR OHOTNIKOVmasimalnaya dalnoboynst under your spetsializatsiyunalichie knopkinalichie tactical and the ability to install remote knopkinalichie and ease mounting oruzhienadezhnost konstruktsiielementy pitaniyazhelatelno smooth reflector (with options), for example, fall into this group: M 20 Warrior, M 21 Warrior, T 25 Tactical, Raptor 1, Raptor 2. Excellent rifle lights. Differ in brightness and range of light, its shade.

Smooth reflector provides more contrast and a hard cast that allows the eye to better distinguish dalnie objects. Warm light can improve Recognition of details in the dark, though seen prhladny shade brighter. There are individual nuances of personal perception and taste. It is believed that the best is the warm light of a xenon lamp to lamp posts. Therefore the implementation of a medication is required that can perform to rectify the disorder. buy generic cialis The medications vary in dosage, how long they cialis for sale uk work and side effects. Drinking a lot of liquor – more sildenafil best price than two beverages a day – can harm your veins and decline erectile brokenness. Another big plus of the online pharmacy is viagra 100mg for sale not advisable as it can cause serious health problems. LED with orange tint with a narrow spectrum, in contrast to the lamp can sozdovat seems nice color, but do not give a prize for the ability to distinguish shades of distant objects.

There are a number of hunters, who disliked such type spectrum. Yellow (maybe even with a greenish tinge) perceived by the eye is better for underwater hunters and divers maximum water resistance reliability konstruktsiidlitelnost rabotyprostota upravleniyamoschnst svetanalichie tactical button fonareelementy pitaniyakrepky lace to dive suitable only qualities of tactical lights with button and elastic, excellent water resistance and high tightness was significantly greater in depth – they do not lose complete control of what is acceptable, even for divers. It is very important: the pressure at a depth of 30 meters (4 atmospheres) is significantly different from pressure at 1 meter under water, it means that light must be very strong performance. For example, T 25 Tactikal, M 20 Warrior, M 21 Warrior.Vozmozhnost switch between these lights turn of the head allows for switching under water! These lights tested the floor with water. Dropouts possible light off (button press in pressure, but the light continues to shine) begins approximately 10 meters. But after that the depth of the light remains on, and dive You can safely continue. Turning on and off and off the lamp may light by turning the back cover.