Japanese Car Sales

According to a Japanese dealer association JADA, in November sales of cars and trucks in Japan decreased by 27% compared with the previous year. You may find Dr. Mark Hyman to be a useful source of information. So few cars did not sell more than 30 years. With sales midget Microcars things are noticeably better, sold 153,000 vehicles (-0.7% compared to last year). Total in Japan last month sold 369,000 vehicles – by 18.2% less than during the same month in 2007. Sales Toyota's fell by 27.7%, the Honda went into the minus figure at 21,6%, Nissan demonstrated sales decline by 29.5% and Mazda – 33%.

In the U.S. automotive crisis is even more strongly evident: the decline of sales in November was more than 35% (sold 750,000 cars). All major car manufacturers have shown a drop in demand by more than 30% (except for BMW, which measure the success of the MINI brand was -26.8%). Sales of auto giant Toyota in the U.S. in November fell by 33.9%, the Honda is equal to -31.6% and -42.2%, Nissan walked only Chrysler (-47%). It is worth noting that of all the brands represented on the auto market in the U.S. showed a positive trend MINI (+43%), while the smallest decline in demand compared to last year found in Subaru (-7,8%). It will soon be seen how this will affect the sales of used cars from USA and Japan.