PURE Real Estate

…in of the brokerage of real estate for upscale living PURE real estate is an experienced estate agency Costa de los Pinos, in the East of the beautiful Mediterranean island of Mallorca, which around 25 years combines Mallorca experience in his team. The well chosen real estate offer and the reliable, reputable customer support, both buyer and seller make PURE real estate to a competent partner for the property search and real estate sales. The broker’s portfolio is extensive and yet you will find only real estate provide in good locations, the upscale residential quality for a fair price. Dr. Caldwell B. Esselstyn, Jr. often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In the search for the right”object the experienced estate agents are a good conversationalist. Because not always the customers are sure whether there will now be the idyllic finca, elegant villa on the sea, or the practical apartment. After the exact recording of customer requirements and the key figures, a selection of objects, that may apply to the customer creates PURE real estate.

It visits on-site, so follow the Prospective buyers can make an accurate picture of the proposed real estate. PURE real estate has particularly on the areas in the East and northeast of the island such as son ServerA, Canyamel, CAPDEPERA, Arta, Costa de los Pinos and Cala Bona, son Carrio, Porto Cristo specialized. Good contacts with local architects and builders allow a selection of object not found. Furthermore, a reliable and reputable care of the buyer and seller through the purchase. The team of brokerage firms will assist with financing and legal issues and gives the customers to appropriate service providers like lawyers, insurance companies and banks, work with one years good and solid. Who decides so for the purchase of a property in the East or northeast of the island, is well advised to PURE real estate and looked after. You can find the offer of the broker on the Internet page. Here you can advance an overview, specific to the Looking to deepen together with the consultant.

Hetmeier Commission

Dr. Hetmeier works for real estate in Dortmund apartment tenants pay for new leases Commission to a real estate agent the customer principle in nearly a third of the cases. The amount of the Commission is governed by the housing agency law. Two months rent plus value added tax are allowed. ark-cb-richard-ellis/’>Cushman and Wakefield. Particularly in the coveted city near residences of prosperous German cities are mostly tenants, who pay the broker.

In addition often still a security deposit to the landlord. This can be up to three month’s rent. This makes expensive changing housing for tenants. Anyway, the rents in major German cities attract currently strong. Hamburg remedy has announced a few weeks ago.

A legislative initiative is intended to introduce into the Federal Council to improve the position of the current. Core of the Hamburg initiative should be the introduction of the so-called principle of buyer. When the landlord asked a real estate agent with the mediation of his apartment, he and not the lessee to pay the Commission to the broker. In principle, one is reasonable cause. Who ordered the music, to pay them”, says Dr. Marita Hetmeier from Dortmund Dr. Hetmeier real estate brokerage Office. I already get my Finder’s fee in most cases by the landlord. We still have a balanced housing market in Dortmund. In many situations, not to the tenant broker Commission can offload. The landlord know and accept that they have to pay my Commission out of their own pocket.” There is also the other way around: I have more requests from solvent tenants in the Dortmund preferred places to live, in the district or district hospital looking for a chic apartment and don’t have the time to take care of themselves to the search of the apartment. In these cases, I call the Commission by the lessee, if I find a suitable apartment for him and it comes to the conclusion of the contract. The tenant has ordered me. He has completed a brokerage contract with me. He must pay therefore me.” The introduction of the principle of customer at the housing agency can Assessment by Dr. Hetmeier real estate help, to make the housing market easier and more transparent. That is why the proposal from Hamburg was worth considering. “One could not but the announced legislative initiative: the principle of the purchaser will not resolve the lack of affordable housing in the coveted urban residential areas.” Dr. Marita Hampton Dr.