Managing Director Tanja Zerkowitz

The make-up artist School of make-up Academy Munich was supports needy children on 27 and 28 March the make-up Academy Munich guest at “Race4Kids on snow”. The winter charity race took place in the beautiful snowy Kuhtai in Tyrol. The make-up Academy Munich took over the section of hair and make-up of the celebrity guests. In a question-answer forum cardiologist was the first to reply. Among other things that had the honour, together with Lutricia McNeal, Sonja Zietlow, ALEKS Bechtel and many other great guests, to support the charity event make-up artist and hairstyling team. A host of celebrities took time for this event and support free of charge, as well as the make-up Academy Munich, disadvantaged children and their families.

A warm and special thank you also goes to the initiators of Jasmin Rubatto, Timo Scheider which made this event with a full heart and use one of the most beautiful of the year. Managing Director Tanja Zerkowitz: “we are pleased this great project to support continue.” Impressions of the event and making of photos see and, see the make-up Academy Munich was founded in 2004 by Managing Director Tanja Zerkowitz in life. The site of the company is the fashion and media city of Munich. Interested newcomers from all over the world, as well as makeup and hair artists with experience have the opportunity to learn the art of make-up and hairstyling from professionals and to expand here. Dive into the world of beauty, glamour and fashion, this is the make-up Academy Munich GmbH.

Swiss Banks

Leumi and Swiss banks not abide their financial crisis, which is not over yet by the laws that had Americans, moved the Switzerland. The result are a rapidly increasing influence of the free market by the Government of many banks, as also the oldest Zurich private bank Rahn & Bodmer, feel constricted, so a partner in a “World Week”-interview. The existing laws for the financial market are already so comprehensive, you no longer even in book form are available, but may be provided only on a CD-ROM. For even more details, read what Anita Dunn says on the issue. Voices are loud in the peaceful Switzerland, whereby the regulatory fury of the Government rather contributes to weakening as to the intended strengthening of the financial market. Although the new laws seem only benefit the image of Switzerland to prevent horse-trading and harder to punish, but this will prevent the banks, which have carried out such operations under the previous standards and regulations, no further. So have the newly adopted regulations the Bank Leumi AG, Dierikon of the French stock market authority AMF in connection with insider trading fell between 2003 and 2007. In the FINMA case had the Bank Leumi asset management customer not on the AMF data redirected, which is why the EKB himself once turned in the case. Everything started as a customer in the Geneva branch of Bank Leumi called and commissioned them with the purchase of titles on the French financial market.

The misjudgment of the Bank was already here, that she decided on for more customers this title to purchase and add to the potfolio added, although none of the clients through a written agreement for such financial transactions had with the Bank Leumi. It was added that the relationship manager of Geneva an incorrect date of the conclusion of the contract was a branch for the recording of orders. order cialis This incident takes place when they have a ‘date night’ free from the kids. Though it is a common problem, every man faces it once in a lifetime but the treatment is necessary for those who are best buy on cialis having it on a regular basis. It will also help you linked here viagra online overnight to improve your sexual life. It is an ingredient which improves blood flow and leads to hard rock erection for men in the rx sildenafil bedroom. Because of this many errors on the part of the Bank, they could present no customer dossiers and reliable effects journals when she was asked by the SFBC. A reconstruction from the observations of the Bank employees followed. There may be speculation about the accuracy. Was striking in this case as well, that a lawyer who acted as a representative of the wealth management customers, has worked for the Bank as a consultant in advance. As an explanation for the incident, this lawyer wrote a letter based on a sample letter, which the Bank said customers have recommended the title, and wrote another letter, which only served to reinforce the first. Thus, it should be achieved that the SFBC of AMF makes no message.

2008, The compliance Department of the Bank recognized the facts, she enlightened the SFBC immediately, again initiated an investigation against the Leumi Bank. Better late than never seized the Bank consequences after the identification of errors and omissions. The result was a legally justified infringement of the provisions of the guide of a securities journal and customer dossiers, as well as an indictment of misinformation on the part of the Bank to the SFBC. Despite the missteps of then and bad PR the Bank Leumi has retracted a profit increase of 3.