Reward 13 Trillion

The Mexican who managed to find the bermeja island which is of utmost importance to Mexico not only on the issue of distribution of the national territory as we know the Gulf will be distributed next year because that defeats the extension granted us United States but also to be entitled to 80% of the resources found in the area known as the pit of donamysteriously it is presumed that this island disappeared, is it not 100 kilometers to the North of Yucatan, benefiting United States that technically would duplicate its maritime in this zone territory, making our country to lose approximately 1.3 trillion dollars in oil (this money would double our GDP). 3 Theories are handled the first is due to global warming the island stay hidden below the sea level and the second is that you sank due to a tsunami, and the third is that United States bombing the island until sinking completely. UNAM requested the search of the island and the result after a long search by combing the area several miles around not only superficially but also with the use of sonar ruled that the island is not at the coordinates provided by the Mexican Government. Basically a person faces erectile dysfunction only if you are facing this problem of erection and being high effective in time of making love in bed, the way you did when viagra cialis generico you were younger. The latter works faster in around 30 minutes and generic viagra cialis takes time to take its effect. In some instances, men who have been suffering from online viagra erection breakdown for several months or several years). There are numerous viagra india fraudulent supplement suppliers who will sell anything that could be sold so you need to be able to recognize the symptoms. Despite this there are various maps and documents from 1864 which confirmed its existence and can be used in the defense of our country, the question is if they will be used or whether we are simply victims of corruption and another robbery of United States towards our country. The saddest thing of all this is that we are not fulfilling our duty as citizens, we know issues like this that are of great importance for everyone, we lack a culture of reading and research which unfortunately will take us that pass unnoticed theft of unimaginable magnitude as this.