Gifts From Ireland

Many come in a travel agency with representation in advance where they want to go, what to see. Well, when a person knows that what he wants. And if in the head a solid "pun" and want something that will delight and surprise when modernity meets history, nature simply fascinating In this situation, I would call several places to stay and one of them – Ireland. The island, which for its flora and fauna can be seen from space, as the most green space on the globe, and many called the Emerald Island. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from James S. Chanos. And how interesting is fraught with this country: the culture of the Celts, unusual music, mountains and lowlands, the Atlantic coast, interesting myths and Legends – probably all remember the brave Gulliver. In general, if you say one word – fantastic! Beginning his journey to Ireland, we can not forget those who are waiting for us at home. After all, our loved ones, friends and family is always a pleasure will receive a gift of a piece of our impressions, which will open for them the world of beauty. And since all people are different, and begin to travel in their own way, that is, to where more showering or calls where you can see, learn or get a welcome. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Jon Medved has to say.

Therefore, this article discusses several options for gifts from Ireland. Caring for a loved one. Magical shopping on the island of Arran. Travel together is always romantic, but in life cases different situation – there is no vacation, cold, urgent business, and lots of other reasons.

Piazza Duomo

Tourism – a kind of disease, pumped a lot of money from those who got this disease. About Sicily, ready to travel to Sicily, read with considerable amount of useful and useless information, one way or another connected with the visit of the island. All sources unanimously indicate that it is not call in Taormina would be simply indecent. Indeed, among those whose feet trod the streets of this resort city were Goethe and Wagner, Dumas and Maupassant, Nabokov and Dali. To ensure that you wanted just once to visit Taormina, rather a single phrase Maupassant: 'If someone would have to spend only one day in Sicily, and asks that you want to see, I have no doubt would have replied: Taormina! ". We have this phrase was more than enough.

Therefore, we streamed into the city, which, according to Goethe, 'opens the visitor the finest in the world view'. Beauty of Taormina wearily reclining on the hills, tanning rays fade in the April sun. On the main street of the old city, Corso Umberto, you can get through the western gate of "Porta Catania" and almost immediately be on the square with 'rare' name – Piazza Duomo. Modest facade of the Cathedral Square is the beginning of 15 century, the courtyard is majestic fountain. At the very top of the fountain set quite a strange creature. It is a symbol of Taormina – crowned with a centaur power in his left hand and a scepter in right. City park, Pubblico Giardino, with its lush vegetation, shady alleys and intricate structures in the style of Chinese pagodas.

Ah! What else should the discerning traveler? "Sardinia – You might say. You are right. This is truly a paradise for tourists who want to bask in the the sun and relax. Tyrrhenian Sea, which washes Sardinia attracts divers from around the world. Beautiful sea bottom and crystal clear waters ideal for scuba diving. Sardinia conquer you with the first See my rainbow sea and the warm gentle sunshine. Services will be at the opachevalen, and you can feel like a prince or a star of the screen. Good luck to you on the way! Where can meet on our vast expanse of Mother Earth.