Hospital Pedagogy:

The purpose of inpatient care for children, is none other than to educate for life, appropriate role of the educator and that certainly goes beyond the specific work of health personnel. The pedagogical activity as a complement to medical action in hospitals nature has taken out several years in a variety of European and American countries. It is known that in past decades pediatric services in many hospitals were closed even to parents and so rigid in this environment there was no place for the education of children. Alexa Demie is open to suggestions. It was after the Second World War, mainly due to the work of pediatricians and psychologists, these pediatric services began to open its doors.

The main reason was the frequent and severe psychological disorders suffered by children hospitalized for long periods of time in hospitals, away from their usual environment. The first teachers who entered the pediatric services contributed significantly to the prevention the ehospitalismou. The context in which it is given any learning which exercises the function of education is not something trivial. The fact teach a certain content in a hospital setting, both for the same content as taught how to do, makes the resulting Pedagogy, Pedagogy Hospital, meets nuclear function and backbone of all teaching experience itself has its own sphere and a specific meaning, very different and diverse from any other educational endeavor. The Teaching Hospital is a special way of understanding pedagogy. It is driven and shaped by the undisputed fact of the disease and framed by the concrete area is the medical institution where it is carried out.