Autobiography of Carrie Fisher Star Wars”is today a cult. Although now, the new movies received much attention, especially the older Trilogy for every fan is a must. But who is behind the character of the beautiful Leia, Padme Amidala and Darth Vader’s and sister’s daughter Luke Skywalker? The news portal presents the autobiography of actress Carrie Fisher alias Princess Leia. As Princess Leia, she has captured the hearts of Star Wars fans. Despite their presence in the media most probably little about the actress and her life know Star Wars outside.” “Carrie Fisher now has a biography titled strikes back Princess Leia” published and gives fans and other interested parties insight into their lives. As the reader will see, the actress and writer looks back on an eventful past. Much like her father, even Carrie Fisher consumed alcohol and drugs.

Manic depressive, alcohol and drugged she had to undergo an electric convulsion therapy. She can not remember all details of their lives. She has mastered the withdrawal however and today she sees in her book, and her program wishful drinking”with humor on the difficult time back. Star Wars”describes today 54 as a blessing and a curse at the same time. In their own lives not less existed drama than in the life of Princess Leia.

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