Art Work

116). Source to the work as attitude of the sonhador, the action to launch it the search of the dream and the construction of the meanings is a factor that demands the force of the real work. ' ' The work is a source of indefinite devaneios how much a source of knowledge. In the work, it is developed epic of sonhos' ' (P. 116). When working its dream, the reader is lead to develop its capacity of agreement of the art, being been peculiar it the perception of that the artistic significaes are only processed when it gets loose conjugated attitudes and wills that if find inert. Gift in the life of the patient of the psychoanalysis, the works lead to the subliming states. This, in turn alleges ' ' a true education of imaginao' ' (P.

116), allowing that the being if acquires knowledge of its attitudes to become free of the terrestrial one, that in the case of the patient is lived by the necessity to reach the health and, in the case of the reader for urgency to become free itself of the simplicity of its reading to get loose itself for the flight and ' ' exercise of the ascension imaginria' ' (P. 117). Centered in the soil, for the figure of the feet, one enrolls the reader and the patient for the unfastening of its real state for the provao of the urgency of the imaginary action. To walk for the onrico is the step that unfastens the past, without the had reading, for a future that if complete with the interpretativa satisfaction of the beauty appeared in the art. This provokes the reflection that ' ' one of my feet if calls past, the other futuro' ' (P. 117). For the image of the feet it is established vision of the movement of the being, which already is not pleased with its previous state of health or capacity of reading.