Orthopedic Mattress

Mattress – what does this mean? First you need to understand what it means to "orthopedic" and "orthopedics". Translated from the Greek "ortho" – right, straight, and "pedia" – training. Therefore, orthopedics – a branch of medicine in prevention, treatment and diagnosis of abnormalities associated with the musculoskeletal system, and also stable curvatures of the spine. For even more opinions, read materials from Jon Medved. Virtually all modern mattresses anyway are orthopedic and are subject to compulsory certification (of course, if you are buying into online store or specialty store, market purchases – is another matter entirely). In the store, you certainly come across with a choice of what to buy mattress, which one of the great diversity of needs you – mattresses ormatek or dreamline, for example. Currently offered mattresses numerous types and designs, with different fillings and upholstery although all the mattresses can be divided into two types: spring and springless, and at the same time, both groups are orthopedic. If we consider the orthopedic spring mattresses, the impressive orthopedic property famous ones, the device which is based on the principle of independent spring units. In this case, each spring flexes independently, the degree of compression depends on the weight placed on her body.

A large number of springs conical in shape all night will keep the spine in the desired position. Some models of mattresses have more than 400 springs in an area of 1 square meter However, many people think that springless mattresses stand major orthopedic characteristics. Orthopedic mattresses springless got their name because they do not have blocks of springs and includes only a few layers of filler. Fillers can be of two kinds: artificial and natural, for example, coconut mattresses, felt mattresses, latex mattresses, and others. Springless mattresses are distinguished by having a 'memory effect'. With this mattress takes the location of a sleeping man, and best captures the position of the spine during the night's rest.

So, after waking up you do not disturb the feeling of fatigue and discomfort. Choose children's mattresses in cot – this is not an easy task, it provides a very thorough approach because of the fact on what your child is sleeping, will depend on the health and correct posture. For forming the body is extremely important. Well, when you want to buy a mattress, there is a problem: where to buy. Naturally, you will be able to give this process a few days driving around the shops and can be comfortably seated in a chair, ask for purchase in our online store mattress – MatrasMax.ru. We wish you the best shopping and healthy sleep!