City Council

Few doubt fit you what every tourist who visits the city of Seville the less satisfied and more are not removed from the head back as soon as possible to enjoy people, enclaves and climate surrounding the city of Seville. Although this is something already well-known by all a report prepared by the University of Seville and the tourist Observatory has come to confirm that 80% of the tourists say that they will return to the capital and 90% is recommended for those who still do not have walked it. According to the report prepared by the City Council through the tourist Observatory, the overall score that tourists make your stay in the city is 4.78 points on 5; and accommodation and restoration reach 4.65 points note. Another of the issues raised to tourists is if they think back to what 81.08% of ensures that they will do so safely, and 92,63% of respondents claim that you surely will recommend to visit Seville. According to tourism in Seville, the commercial passenger traffic in the port data indicate a recovery. In June have used the harbour with tourist reasons 2.384 travelers, 132,82% more than in June 2010. The profile of the tourists in Seville is a self-employed between 26 and 34 years that seeks to know a different place or a place of pleasure. In addition, it seem to find it because the report visit us once or twice the 33.5% of tourists and three to five times 13.2%. With all these data seems normal difficulties that sometimes we find to reserve hotel in Sevilla.