Apostle Santiago

(Prince, Derek. They shall cast out devils. Editorial desafio.2001. PG. (78) The disease, degradation product physical, it is due to the condition of man’s sin which was evident in the garden of Eden and that led him to lose fellowship with God, as the Scriptures tell it. This fallen nature opened doors to disease and death. Why don’t we accept disease? As Christians we recognize that Dios conceived us healthy and continued enjoyment of our existence.

The disease causes pain, anxiety, and hopelessness. However, the redemptive work of the Lord Jesus have insured health such as the Prophet Isaiah explains it: he was traded for our rebellions, and bruised for our iniquities; upon him fell the punishment, price of our peace, and thanks to his wounds we were healed.(Isaiah 53: 5, new international Version) there is healing to your life and mine! We must take it in the glorious name of Jesus Christ. Declare on our life, not only that we reject the disease but we receive God’s healing that he already gave us. It is not for tomorrow or last, it is for today. How to be free of the disease? There are two facts to consider.

The first is in Jesus Christ claim the healing that he secured for us to die on the cross. We do praying and confessing with our lips that we know, Dios has arranged for us. Prayer is key in this process, welcoming the statement that the Apostle Santiago gave: is any afflicted among you? To pray. It is one of good cheer? To sing praises. Is any one of you sick? Please call the elders of the Church to pray for him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord.