Television Nacional de Chile

National Television of Chile, known by the acronym TVN is the television network state in Chile. It also has an international network called TV Chile, which has a presence throughout the world, also available online from the website and the TVN website JumpTV.Furthermore, it was announced that soon will open a signal news press area, which will be called TVN 24 Horas. History Then in 1958 the government of General Carlos Ib ez del Campo handed concessions to operate TV channels to three Chilean universities, with coverage limited to small geographical areas, the government of Eduardo Frei Montalva deemed necessary the existence of a channel with national coverage, something difficult in a large geographic territory. Therefore, his government started technical tests which resulted in experimental transmissions in 1968.For their tests used a small study of 60 m , in an old house located on the corner of Alameda to San Mart n, in Santiago.Today is located in Avenida Bellavista 0990, Comuna de Providencia, Santiago, Chile. Patients should decrease fluid intake before bedtime, moderate the consumption order cialis from india of this drug. With this significant help of the drug shopping over the web assists generico levitra on line ED patients to save their hard-earned money. Definitely not cheap discount levitra as easy as it was at the hand of Pfizer. Taking Kamagra Tablets increases blood flow and levitra tablet allows you to get the best drug for erectile dysfunction. After overcoming the initial tests are needed, the Frei government created a limited liability company whose partners were CORFO, Chile Films and ENTEL, all dependents of the Chilean State.The public channel, under the direction of Jorge Navarrete, was officially opened on 18 September 1969 (the day there were only test card). About a month later, on 24 October 1969, begins broadcasting. With Television’s first law (Law 17,377) of 24 October 1970, gave legal recognition to national television since the 1958 Act did not envisage a state operator.The same year he moved to its present location at the foot of Cerro San Cristobal. Since its creation was a government official means such as during the presidency of Salvador Allende and Augusto Pinochet, was used to broadcast its programming governmental ideas, without giving way to government critics.