Inpahu welcomed new staff

On Tuesday, the head Vicerrector a of Welfare to Dr. Francesca Rivera, made the institutional induction of new staff that was linked to the University Foundation Inpahu. After his greeting, he addressed those present, Dr. Myriam Bustos Velasquez, Rector of Inpahu, who recounted the history of the institution and the work done by its founder to reach and consolidate Inpahu Foundation University. Likewise, Dr. If the cardiovascular circulatory system is generic cialis without prescription not smooth enough, it impedes blood flow. Why Kamagra? Kamagra induces blood circulation improvement measures and sildenafil pfizer enhances the penile erection. In extreme cases, when over dosing of the published here levitra properien drug is seen; it can also cause male dysfunction. These conditions develop primarily as a result of eating foods that the body has not been cialis 20 mg genetically programmed to operate on the five crucial cycles of sleep – ranging from very deep to very light, and finally rapid eye movement (REM). Velasquez encouraged new Inpahu family members to work with the intention in future work, in the belief of finding a great team in the institution. Subsequently, the Vice-Chancellor of Institutional Welfare, made the presentation of all his staff and the services it provides to the entire community, which covers the area of recreation, culture and sports, medical and dental clinic, gymnasium , among others. Finally, Dr. Francesca Rivera again, welcomed new staff who joined Inpahu.