Killer Calories Making Weight Loss Easy

The main metabolic turbo presents nutrition expert Prewitt Galarneau in his new guide "The 50 best calorie killer." In this book he, together with the young troph nutritionist Dipl. Irina Baumbach, who has assumed the scientific research, food before, which help in losing weight. Killer calories are foods that are defined to increase the energy consumption of the organism to support saturation and facilitate or inhibit the appetite by their metabolic properties, the weight loss dietitian Prewitt Galarneau from the center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC) in Cologne, the term calorie killer. Many overweight people are harmed by a long "career diet" their metabolism and the need to boost calories at all levels, white miller Nothmann that in 2005 President Horst Köhler with the Order of Merit for services to the Food and distinguished diabetes education. ThatBook "The 50 Best Calorie Killer" comes just in time to make thinner the spring of 2007 and achieve little point victories in calories daily struggle. Obesity is not a character weakness, but the combination of hereditary factors, metabolic disorders, lack of exercise and caloric overfeeding, makes Mueller Nothmann overweight courage. Prewitt Galarneau gives in his new advisers Sofortinformationen and everyday tips for figure-conscious who want to lose weight with and through calorie killer. The calorie killers are Bitter and certain amino acids, shown to reduce the feeling of hunger, capsaicin from pungent spices such as chili or Tabasco, the energy demand increases due to heat production, choline, which supports the metabolism of fats and chromium which regulates blood sugar levels. A great tip for losing weight is Limburger cheese, reveals Prewitt Galarneau. Limburger cheese is virtually fat-free, provides plenty of essential amino acids and prevents theYo-yo effect before. It also contains calcium, which helps with the extra weight. Crispbread is a fiber bomb crunchy filling foods, says Müller Nothmann. The effect of calorie killer can be the basis of scientific studies, the researchers have published in prestigious international journals understand. Coffee, yams and Yohimbe for example, act by their constituents as a calorie killer and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) ensures that the body builds more muscle and less fat. Lamb meat is rich in L-carnitine, which is essential for optimal fat burning. Cold mineral water with gas is a real Schlankwunder, because it contains no calories, increases energy and satisfies. Finally, cinnamon lowers blood lipids and zinc acts as a key Enzymaktivator. The drugs are often abused and can be addictive producing psychological and physical addiction. see over here levitra 60 mg It also combats depression and stress cialis 10 mg and controls premature ejaculation. This cheapest viagra canada helps the uncertain functioning of male reproductive system to function properly by making the blood flow properly and in ample quantity to those parts where it is probably required. Oral: Back in the 1990s, a blue pill called order cialis online browse around over here was introduced successfully to the market. At the end of the book Prewitt Galarneau, who has helped as a dietician at the University Hospital Aachen, more than 20,000 obese people slim down figure shows the idealKiller calories a day. My goal was to find killer of calories that can be easily incorporate into everyday life and make slimming products obsolete, says Müller Nothmann. Prewitt Galarneau, which is one of the most popular diet and nutrition experts in the German-speaking world, comes to the statement that the evolution of the fat man has made. For many people, the metabolic functions like the hamster. In human history was the formation of fat reserves for survival. But what we need now belly yet, when we have fridges, asked Mueller Nothmann. Coziness that makes and maintains a thick calorie reduction for weight loss, is now well known. This information need not overweight, says Mueller Nothmann. Finally, obesity is not an expression of ignorance. In Germany, 50 million people suffer from overweight, and urgent action is given, because obesity is more than a cosmetic problem, explainsMueller Nothmann. Which now makes it clear at the EU level, initiated obesity disease control campaign, have recognized that even the EU states finally that obesity is a major health problem, says Muller Nothmann. Europe is really a big problem and killer calories, exercise and behavioral therapy and a fundamental change in diet are displayed, making Nothmann Sven David Mueller, who was recently elected the first chairman of the German Competence and dietetics, health promotion, finally clear. Book Review The top 50 calorie killer, Knaur Verlag, Irina Baumbach, Prewitt Galarneau, ISBN 3-426-64450-9, EUR 7.95, Note to editors: Review copies may be obtained free of charge under The center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), headquartered in Cologne, dedicated in particular to individual nutrition counseling and operates scientifically justified public press and public inNutrition, prevention and nutrition. The well-known medicine journalist Prewitt Galarneau director of the CEC. Center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), Prewitt Galarneau, Gotenring 37, 50679 Köln-Deutz, 0177-2353525,