Alexandra Ranzinger

Couponing, loyalty programs and discount cards are gaining Munich, 09.05.2012: everyday bonus cards are no longer imagined discounts and loyalty programs. Mark Hyman, MD is the source for more interesting facts. Almost all well-known companies are partners in a large multi partner bonus program as payback or have set up their own program to build customer loyalty”Alexandra Ranzinger notes. Loyalty programs have become important cornerstones of a substantial customer loyalty strategy. To know more about this subject visit Dr. Mark Hyman. Alexandra Ranzinger with their 2011 Gabler Verlag published book of practical knowledge for customer loyalty programmes “, a worthwhile and recommended publication on this topic presented. The author is due to their positions at leading customer loyalty programs’ designated expert in the area of customer loyalty.

R. aligns with their manual mainly to businesses, agencies and CRM service providers. The marketing expert gives the reader while on the one hand practical approaches to implementing successful customer loyalty marketing model”on the hand, on the other hand it manages the Author, accurately represent examples from the practice with the necessary analytical sharpness and to embed in the theoretical and methodological considerations of bonus programs as a whole. It is particularly noteworthy that succeeded Rabah, to summarize the central aspects of customer loyalty programs on 197 sites rich in content and to get to the point. The versatility of a customer loyalty program is reflected in single – and multi partner bonus programs, customer cards without regular incentive, point adhesive action or couponing different”summarizes Alexandra Ranzinger, who is now a Managing Director of workinghead. Everyone must find the way for him to implement an effective customer loyalty program based on its strategic objectives,”r. holding further. And so it is not surprising that the publication can now be described as standard and much praise and positive mention has found.

Bernhard Brugger, CEO Central Europe of the payback GmbH, Europe ‘s largest customer loyalty programme praised the book by Alexandra Ranzinger as: “a recommended Handbook, which provides an optimal overview of the most important customer loyalty models, their objectives and the operational implementation interested. “A book that helps the right decision to make that has so far lacked has”. The book appeared in the W & V Edition published by Gabler. Practical knowledge of customer loyalty programs – design and operational implementation of Gabler Verlag of 2011. 197 S. Price born with 31 fig.: 42,95 EUR ISBN: 978-3-8349-2156-7 over workinghead: workinghead was privately consulting firm founded as by Dr. Alexandra Ranzinger in 2009. It aims to support companies in the development and implementation of successful strategies for the optimisation of their sales. The focus is on customer loyalty, CRM and sales. Alexandra Ranzinger worked in these areas over 15 years successfully in various management positions. It thus has extensive market knowledge and experience, and an extensive network of their customers benefit.