How Mushroom

Let's try to figure out who are these mushrooms, and mushroom in particular, as one of the representatives of the world of fungi. Mushrooms were the object of human attention since time immemorial. However, the diversity of fungi is so great that process of learning was long, still not yet complete, and as before, their investigators are waiting for many surprises. In this connection it is appropriate to recall the words of French botanist A. Veyana uttered by another in 1727: "Mushrooms – an invention of the devil invented them in order to disrupt the harmony of the rest of nature, confusing and lead to despair researchers nerds. Fungi are relatively simple anatomical structure, and fed by a ready organic substance in the substrate. Dr. Mark Hyman has many thoughts on the issue.

Are organisms that have characteristics of plants and animals and a number of specific features. Among the features of the plants they have observed: the presence of cellular tissue, vegetative immobility, unbounded growth in time and space and absorb food (by suction). There are also some signs of animal: fungi lack chlorophyll (heterotrophic nutrition) in the shell cells is fungin similar to chitin, a substance that makes up the solid outer covering of insects. Furthermore fungin present in the cell glycogen (animal starch). The cell consists of a fungus cell wall (outside it often slimy layer-capsule), cytoplasm and cytoplasmic membrane, endoplasmic network, mitochondria, ribosomes, dictyosome and nuclei. Sometimes in the cell vacuoles and fungi have different inclusions. Cell wall, carrying out numerous functions in fungi, including the active absorption of nutrients from the substrate, as main components contain chitin, and polysaccharides, including glucans, proteins and fats.

Tips for Kitten Breeders

When purchasing a kitten of any breed (Persian, British, Sphinx, etc.) it is desirable to follow these general guidelines to help avoid potential problems faced in snap election kitty. 1. Not gained a strong little kittens. Get the kittens reached 3 months of age, to avoid problems with food and with the adaptation of the animal to a new location. Note that this kitten is still as funny and playful, but now without the need for her mother.

You can pay some amount of nursery, thus reserving a kitten, and finally take it after vaccination. 2. Purchase only fully healthy kittens. At the time of purchase, even completely vaccinated kitten should be active, not leaner and generally look healthy. If you are in some doubt about the health of a kitten (for example, the kitten looks too thin, runny nose, visible problems with the skin cover, etc.), it is best to refrain from the acquisition, despite the fact that the seller will say the kitten. In the case of redundancy the animal, the question of the return zadatochnoy amount (if the kitten at the time of the acquisition were not directly well) should specify in advance. 3.

Buy a kitten with only a set of documents. It does not matter, you expect or not to breed in the future. Only the necessary documents allow you to take a kitten their property (in accordance with Civil Code), in the opposite case, in the absence of documents to prove it will be difficult.

J. Citizenship Award

J. Citizenship Award Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award J. The Walter Kennedy (J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award) is awarded annually by the NBA since the 1974-75 season, the player or coach who shows outstanding service and dedication to the community. It is named after James Walter Kennedy, the second commissioner of the NBA (then president) a from 1963 to 1975. The winner is selected by the Association of Professional Basketball Writers, which represents writers of newspapers, magazines or internet . Members of the organization to nominate players for the award, to exercise their votes then 150 members. The player with the most votes is the winner. The award is usually asks for the person doing the most charitable contribution for the community. For example, Kevin Garnett received the award in 2006 for donating 1.2 million to relief efforts from Hurricane Katrina. Since its inception, the award was given to 34 different players.Detroit Pistons is the winningest franchise, with a total of five. In a season there were two winners, Michael Cooper and Rory Sparrow in the 1985-86 season. Vlade Divac of Yugoslavia (now Serbia), Dikembe Mutombo of the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Canadian Steve Nash (born in South Africa) and Samuel Dalembert (born in Haiti) are the only winners were born outside the United States. Mutombo is also the only player to win the award twice. Frank Layden and Joe O’Toole were the only people to win the award without players. Layden, who won the award in 1983-84, was the Utah Jazz coach, while O’Toole, winner in 1994-95, was assistant coach the Atlanta Hawks.