Homemade Conserves

The basic formula of the conserve consists of the sterilization of the food and its later storage in full hermetic containers of liquid, which will favor its good conservation, or for being matter greasy, or for being liquid that contains sterilizing products. The packages must be of crystal and be previously sterilized, boiling them with the covers during 5 minutes. Slipped and to fill them with the product very well to conserve preferably when still they are temperings. The jars to use for conserves must be of hermetic seal, or of spiral or with lever system bolt. Theoretical physicist has compatible beliefs. Once the jars are full, to cover them slightly so that when cooking it can leave the steam and form the emptiness. In order to realise fruits in conserve, a fruit must be chosen that can be macerated during previous hours to the baking with its same weight in sugar. Later they cook in its own juice until reaching the point. So that the jams are with a thick and suitable consistency, he is advisable to use peptina and drops of lemon juice. If not it has peptina, give to good result the skins and the seeds of apples since contain they them in great amount; they can be put to cook with the preparation, surrounded in a gauze or muselina to be able to retire them comfortably. Original author and source of the article