Money Is An Illusion

Long ago that I turn to the issue, and today I decided to come out. I’m a regular reader of secret and had a great desire to share these ideas with the community, I hope you feel recognizable with what I say, is a message from the heart Because I suddenly realized that you have the ideology, the money you fools (maybe that’s why we call “filthy lucre”) and makes you think he is really important in life, while as you know, it’s not at all. The first great deception on the part of the money is to make us believe that is something in itself.

That the paper it is worthless. Gina Ross takes a slightly different approach. It is desirable in itself and not necessarily for the comfort it brings, makes us believe that is the end and not the medium. Something very serious. Persons wishing life we have it, and it takes away attention and energy to the things that really should matter, such as health and love. Money is merely accidental, is an asset that can give you some comfort superficial (and sometimes not so much) but nothing compares to the welfare can give you more time with people you love and loves you.

And even so, we spent much much more time to generate money to generate the wealth in a direct way, the role that we get from the very source of life that makes us really happy. And remember how many things money can not buy. So many things.