Living Healthy Real Estate

Quality of life in construction and secure residential phase Hamburg, June 25, 2012 the ZEBAU GmbH leads an evening from 17: 00 real estate on August 15, 2012 in the Karl height on the topic of living healthy”by. Four experts report on enhancing living quality: mold prevention and treatment, prevention of harmful substances in construction materials, positive air through the use of solar air collectors and quality assurance in new construction and existing. Advance good Karlshohe offered a guided tour of the grounds. The event is aimed at architects, engineers, apartment managers, real estate agents and homebuilders. When the air in the room by residential poisons is loaded, not only people with allergies are affected. A quick resolution of the cause is required, it is better to act pre-emptively. Already during the construction or modernization phase, subsequent pollution-related diseases can be prevented. Different approaches and effective measures for a high life and quality of living offered by four speakers this evening. At the beginning there