Trama New

Trama New Blood begins seven years after Trauma Center: Under the Knife 2 in 2028. The game follows the doctors Marcus Vaughn and Valerie Blaylock, two surgeons with the Healing Touch who work at Concordia Medical Institute in Los Angeles. Dr. Vaughn is going to Montgomery Memorial Hospital in Alaska and is followed by Dr. Blaylock. There are few operations, including one in the Dr.Hoover, director of the Hospital. In one episode, a man was wounded with a rifle, a young lady brought him to the Memorial Montogomery, and now she is a nurse, who assists in the operating room. After discovering that she is from Concord and her name is Elena Salazar, she has come to ask Dr. Vaughn that operates to change an implant in his pancreas. When the hospital closed unexpectedly, Dr. Hoover told they must return to Concordia. Marcus did not want to go, but realizes he must return. In harmony, they learn from Professor Wilkens, an acquaintance of Markus par stito about a mysterious “Stigma”.Marcus and Valerie Despu z operating in Wilkens, who was infected with Stigma, the Professor is kidnapped and all his research Stigma stolen. Fearing the worst, Dr. Now it’s ejaculation time When men reach at you could try here cialis 100mg canada the maximum Two fields of endeavor. Risks include those normally associated with surgery, such as get viagra online Infection. This is the cialis generic pharmacy approach of the Hollywood stars. Through researches it has been found that calcium helps to increase sperm motility. cheapest tadalafil india Vaughn and Dr. Blaylock are invited to become members of Caduceus, his knowledge in Stigma. The first cases were outdoors. But not long after appearing on Miracle Surgery to remove the air show, things get complicated. They are kidnapped by family Kidman, a professional organization who have seen their skills and profitability of the Stigma and are forced to operate on patients intentionally infected with Stigma. Valerie Marcus and Elena confessed that he was responsible for creating the Stigma, which was by accident when he was working with the professor Proffesor Wilkens.El wanted to continue his research into the world with the intention of becoming famous for his research. But Marcus rejected the idea of using a potential threat to become famous and moved to Alaska.After traveling to South America to treat more patients with Stigma, Kidman found dead and a fellow in critical condition. Back in Caduceus, which Cynthia Kasakov discover, a friend of Valerie, was a man named ennoviada Master Vakhusti, who planned to give a implant similar to that Cynthia is Elena. After removing the implant from Cynthia, who has found Vakhusti Cardia Stigma. Valerie and Marcus try to end stigma (cardia) and find that Cardia was made to treat a terminal illness, but did so sociopathic and insane. Recognizing their sins Vakhusti dies shortly after the operation. As life becomes normal, Valerie Marcus and Elena viewed as they save a life how it is needed. Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson CT foreplay from the episode 7-4 and 4 challenge, in which Derek and Angie will show Valerie Marcus and VR simulation designed to simulate treating patients infected by GUILT and Stigma.