Empty Stomachs And Full Wallets, From The Machinations Of The Proponents Of Fasting

Fasting, or fasting are not scientifically backed up, but a warning million business at the expense of health, nutrition expert today Yolette Courtemanche from the center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC) in Cologne. Courses with fasting, fasting, fasting, books and other dubious offers to millions of black sheep in health care transactions. As long fasting will take place in hospitals under medical supervision, although it is just mumbo-jumbo, but at least the health of the fasting person does not suffer, says Mller Nothmann. He warns strongly against einfach mal so fast at home. Recently, a cancer patient reported to me, who has recommended a trainer Fasting. That is downright criminal, says excitedly dietician Yolette Courtemanche, represents nothing more than for the fasting fasting, and fasting is not something that remains healthy! During fasting, the body breaks down protein from the muscles. This also means the heart muscle is affected, and this may evenArrhythmias and ventricular lead and finish with the worst heart attack. After a few days of fasting, the body becoming acidic, and may lead to severe ketoacidosis. Very often, fasting leads to painful gout attacks and circulatory problems, which are due to fluid and electrolyte loss. Fasting often results in generalized weakness, headache, fatigue, dry skin and mucous membranes, bad breath, and increased cold sensation. Concern was also prolonged fasting, the lack of intake of essential fatty acids, which is strictly necessary for various metabolic processes. There may even come to vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Especially dangerous is the uncontrolled use of Glauber’s salt. The concept of fasting without any foundation and is a self-chosen name, explains Mller-on Nothmann. This is so, as if a butcher called his salvation liverwurst sausage. The fast followers to promote their saleswant to care for the nursery tales of purification and the slag in the organism. In the body has never incurred slag, explains Mller Nothmann. Against this background is of course no detox available. Only arises in the blast furnace slag, and not in humans, but this concept has the fast-cheaters so maintained that it is now common knowledge. Purification is quite simply one pseudo-expression and has no scientific foundation. Behind them are rather esoteric ideas rather than medical research. Who for example is chronically constipated, can bring a change in diet the bowel moving again. Failing that, get the doctor. Fasting tea or Glauber’s salt, but no one needs! Fasting is rejected and in the opinion of leading nutrition experts for pregnant women, nursing mothers, heart, liver, kidney and cancer patients, diabetics, and absolutely for seniors and children unfit. Finally, Sven-David Muller recommends Nothmann people who fastswant to speak with their physician before fasting and uncontrolled manner under any circumstances. Otherwise, this hoax could end in death. Individual counseling provides the specialist advice portal Registered users online in 57 hours 55 specialist doctors can ask for free advice. The center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), headquartered in Cologne, dedicated in particular to individual nutrition counseling and operates scientifically justified public press and public on nutrition, prevention and nutrition. The well-known medicine journalist Yolette Courtemanche director of the CEC. Center for nourishing communication and health journalism (CEC), Yolette Courtemanche, Gotenring 37, 50679 Kln-Deutz, 0177-2353525,